Can Water Damage Electricity Meter


i am new to this forum

the thing is that today a huge thunderstorm happened in my area. the electricity meters are all attached to the poles. all of them are openly tied to the pole. the thing i am most worried about is that can water from rain damage or cause a short circuit in the electricity meter?

i am really worried as it might cause serious problems in the house or damage to the UPS

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well electric meter is the property of the company and government, you don't have to worry about it if it got dead or something they will change it for you unless of course you didn't interfered with it.

and yes meter can get short circuited and it is important to place them in cover of something. log a complain or ask your local muhalla to build a small "teen ki chat" above the meter's.

@Umaid Shahid:

When your house was built (I am assuming it's a house and

not a flat), they must have (ought to have) put a large copper

plate into the ground near your home and tied the GROUND

wire to it with a thick, robust copper wire.

It would be highly irregular and most dangerous if this did not

occur, since it is a provision against just the sort of thing that

you fear happening in your post. Plus, you must have a whole

series of trip switches installed at the DB and then again inside

your home, to shut off current in such an occurrence.

Of course, nothing is absolutely foolproof. People have gotten

their TV's fried through a surge in their coaxial cable ITV).

Like @MrKamran advises, one can always put the meter into a

small wooden frame, with wire mesh for taking readings.

Our KESC electric meter got shorted inside it's housing, wreaking

all sorts of mayhem in the house (two phase lines had melted

together). Our water lines started carrying 4-8V of AC current.

Sometimes, you couldn't even touch the faucet! Of course, as

soon as I smelled the familiar "fishy" smell coming out of the

meter, we got the meter replaced and now, no more problems.

None of the electricians or KESC personnel that were called

out to the house could figure out the problem.

So, yeah. Electric meters can get shorted and give you a jolt!

The proper grounding of copper is probably what saved our

lives. Get moving on that meter housing.

Sheikh 'Bijli Bhari Hai Meray Ang Ang Mein...' Chilli

yes i have like 25 breakers on the DB and one is biggest one for the whole house

the most worried i am about the UPS. the sudden shifting from low to high voltage (which happens in short circuit) will damage the UPS ciruit also. am i right?

i have Aurora UPS

anyways,thanks for the advice. if WAPDA wont install boxes despite logging complaints which they most probably wont, then i'll make it myself :-P