Can this Huawei device used with Wateen?


I was checking PTCL website and checked the EVO devices, see here

The device on the most right side is from Huawei, my cousin using it.

This is the device mentioned on Huawei website

I wanted to know that such devices can only be bought by companies and offered with their packages or we as individuals can also purchase and use it with our internet?

I am using Wateen, can I buy this device and take it anywhere with me and it will get wateen signals automatically or only wateen can assign me this device?

Hope you understand my question.

no you can't!!! wateen and ptcl brings cdma non sim slot devices and on huawei site its UMTS/HSUPA/HSPA+GSM/GPRS/EDGE device in which you can insert sim turn it on for wireless internet

i am not sure that wateen offers mobile broadband on sim card if they do then device on huawei site will work for you

But my cousin is using it. I saw it yesterday and checked his internet too. If it is not CDMA then how is it working with PTCL?


OK, I talked to Wateen technical officer today, I thought I should update it here.

He told me that PTCL wifi cloud is using CDMA / 3G technology and Wateen is using Wimax technology and Wimax doesn't offer cloud services. He said I can use Wateen USB to connect wherever I go but it is not like cloud.

Sad news :(

yeah but wimax is more advanced technology than 3g . wateen give bolts devices to customers which are more like suited for 4g

No In my Opinion it cannot work.. If you cousin is using it then ask him how it works and if you get answer then do share this with us..