Can software houses mess up internet of surroundings?

Greetings fellows. This topic is probably just paranoia on my part, but I wanted confirmation from people who know.

So I live in Johar Town Lahore, I’ve been using ptcl dsl for close to a decade now, and have never faced much problems even while I was on copper earlier on. However, sadly my house is located on a main road. Recently, 5-6 software houses have opened up in my lane and since then my internet experience has been terrible.

The experience actually became terrible the moment when a plaza right next to my house began operating. They started a call centre on their upper floor (which they later changed to something else, Idk what exactly they do, Maybe graphics or something. All I know is people work there till like 3-4 in the night). My reason for thinking that the office next door is responsible for my poor network performance is that during the day (while the office is working), the net is terrible and it goes back to excellent form right around the time they close next door (late night around 3). Further, the same is the case with Sundays and any other public holidays. Net is actually great in those days.

Here’s the exact problems I face:
Terrible ping in DotA 2: 240ms+ at SEA. I get the standard 130 at night.
Terrible streaming experiences: Literally most sites stream terribly, especially It used to be a great experience for me but no more.
Websites loading slowly

For some reason, direct downloads and torrents still get fine speeds, so not all is wrong.

So, could this possibly be an issue with the software houses close to my house? It specifically started when the plaza next door opened and it ran a call centre I believe.

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which block of johar town …

G4 block

this is possible. you have to give some bribe to ptcl landman he solve your issue

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Though, couple of people have replied to you but none actually bothered addressing your question. PTCL generally has been giving me same problems since past a month aswell, internet speeds will go down during the day and return back to normal at night, sometimes after 6pm, sometimes after 9pm. In my case, both browsing and downloading speeds will be affected during the day time and return to normal at night/evening.

Since you say that you don’t see any difference in downloading speeds during the day ,i doubt your internet is being affected, the only issue you face is streaming and web browsing and it seems like a case of bad DNS. You can change your DNS servers to google DNS, incase you have not already, it will solve all your browser related speed issues. If you don’t have any speed issues with downloading a direct file, than most of the time, its just a DNS issue.

Also you can check your line stats from your modem’s page and see if they are fine.

Sorry for the late response but I think I may have been hasty in making the judgement that downloads are fine. Download speeds throughout the day are low, and only go at max speed during the night. I don’t know if I can complain to ptcl about this because the modem page shows I’m being allocated proper bandwidth by ptcl. I was getting around 2-2.5 Mb/s speed recently. Around a week I decided to upgrade to 8Mb/s after being tired of that and I’m still only getting 5Mb/s during the day. Hell, they didn’t even upgrade my upload speed. It was 1 Mb when I was on the 4Mbps package and still 1 Mb at the 8 Mbps. The dsl guy claimed upload speed is only increased for vdsl users. Searching the ptcl site did not give me any info on vdsl packages or prices, so idk.

Also, I am using google dns since a long time now. Plus my line stats are perfect. Attenuation is 19 dB downstream, and 13 upstream. SNR is currently 25 downstream, 14 upstream.

p.s: I’m also getting the feed that ptcl is severely throttling the speeds to certain streaming sites like because they are INCREDIBLY slow, even at the internet speeds that I’m getting. Whereas Netflix always seems to work like a charm.

Ok, so an update on the problem. Despite multiple complaints to my exchange, this continued till now, and it got so bad I would get only like 1Mbps speed during the day, sometimes even as low as 0.5. I was seriously considering getting rid of dsl and getting either PTCL CharJi or Zong 4G wingle to solve my net issue. Thankfully, the problem got solved. Here’s how.

I tweeted the PTCLCares account which I heard some people mention can help get your complaints resolved faster. They solved it in less than 2 days. Now getting 7Mbps downloads throughout the day.

Is there any detail regarding the reason identified for the problem?

They did not tell me the problem but I think it was two-fold. I was getting terrible speeds less than 1 Mbps (0.5 Mbps actually). The twitter guy did something which brought them to like 3Mbps, and then when he realized I still wasn’t getting 8 Mbps, he contacted my exchange guys. The exchange guys apparently took it very seriously. They contacted me like 3-4 times asking if my internet was now finally fixed. I was getting the sort of vip treatment from those guys that I never generally get. Finally getting 7 Mbps on speedtest, which I think is the max you can expect for an 8 Mbps connection.

You should get minimum 832KBps download speed if that connection is functioning correctly.