Can Samsung Star go into Landscape mode

Just wanted to know if all java applications go into landscape mode on the midlevel Samsung sets (Star, Marvel, Corby) and the higher models (Omnia, Jet, Tocco, Galaxy)

I picked the set from someone and tried to play its Java games. All the games played fine but none of the java apps seemed to have support for Landscape view.... Is there any java app that has auto rotate ON.

It mostly depends on the game whether it supports landscape orientation or not. Check this link:

It lists a lot of Samsung Touch Games. I am sure you'll find some with accelerometer support.

Nope couldnt find one.

I think I will try to install an app with changes to the JAD file. There is a MIDlet command that lets you change the orientation of the app to go both ways.

Yep. Good thinking. Google for it. But it will work well only if the app in question supports it.

yes, it depends on game........

But shouldnt the preinstalled games/apps be able to go landscape on its own like Nokia sets ??