Can not give more time in workout

Hello, this is Junaid Shah Khan, a senior web designer in web designing agency in Pakistan and I am also keenly interested in bodybuilding but I am facing trouble in time management because I have lots of responsibilities in my office and between 24 hours I have to spend my 12 to 15 hours in office and I can not give time to my exercise and gym training so that I decide to train by the basic training at my home. I need some basic exercise tips and basic schedule to do. I have seen in mobile applications and other websites but so far I am not satisfied any one of them. I need help, I think its a very good place to share my problem and hope soon people can help me here.

Managing time for bodybuilding is not too difficult as peoples are talking about it. My friend is doing the job in a and also he is doing dieting during his 9-5 job duration and also he is spending 30 minutes for his workout. I think if he can do this, then it is not difficult for us to do that.