Can I Use Your Toilet? "CLOO"

i came across this web service and it got smartphone app too.

""Rent Out Your Toilet with Cloo’

CLOO' is a service designed to help city dwellers make some spare cash by renting out their bathrooms to people who are desperate to find a clean place to pee. Hey, times are tough, and, where there's a need, there's a market.

You can see how the service works in the video above. In their own words:

CLOO' is based on one simple truth- we all have to pee. Though in urban cities finding a clean, available restroom is difficult & frustrating. That's where CLOO' comes in.

CLOO' is a community of registered users who choose to share their bathrooms and make city-living easier, while earning a small profit. Using social media connections, CLOO' shows what friends you have in common with the host, turning a stranger's loo into a friend of a friend's loo.

The next time you're desperate to find a bathroom near you, you can use CLOO' and the power of your social networks to find friends of friends who will let you use their bathroom for a buck or two. I didn't see the app downloadable on CLOO's site yet, but you can follow them on Twitter to get updates and find out when you'll be able to profit from your bathroom.""""



I guess its good for guys with bladder problem

Desperate need for Pakistanis where there is no concept of public toilets.

Every guys has to encounter bladder problem at some point :lol:

Revolutionary indeed.

There are "CLOO" corners everywhere in Pakistan and we don't need no iApps. B)

beware guys, the temptation to earn a small profit may lead u into a big loss