Can i use my dsl login @ friends place?

Salam guys,

is it possible to use my own dsl login on my friends place... i mean i use my phone number instead of his phone number ? and if he got 1 mb net and i have 4mb so i able to logged in to my account @ friends place... will i get 4mb speed @ his connection oR i will only logged in as my account but speed will not be 4mb but... ? i hope u understand what i m saying :)

no its not possible.

Yes you can use, regarding speed you may get 4mbps only if his port is set to 4mbps or higher.

If the DSL is active on his line (DSL light on modem is on), then yes, you can login there via your own username and password. But, if his connection is 1mbit, you will only get that speed!