Can i transfer funds from money booker account to HBL

i am in serious trouble i made MB account Uploaded funds from a web to money booker and when i was withdrawing that amount to my bank i forgot security question that is what is your date of birth? i put some dob to transfer but all was failed? in consequence MB team suspended my account temporarily they wanted my NIC i gave it to them ON 20th march 2011, and i recieved this msg on 22nd march:

"Dear Mr. Hussain,

Thank you for your kind cooperation.

We are glad to inform you that your request is already forwarded to the department in charge.

Therefore, we should have more information on your case in short terms.

Please, do not hesitate to contact us again, should you meet any other difficulties while using services.

Best regards,

Raly, Team"

Since then i have not received mail from MB team and my account is still suspended my money is sticked in the MB account:

I cant Understand what should i do know and how long do the MB team take to unlock my account:

Please Help



contact them at this email

moneybookers sucks. i registered more than 1 year ago but still unable to withdraw funds.

You should have registered account with correct information... moneybooker is like bank. you don't give wrong information to your bank. how can one forget his/her date of birth. International laws are very strict for Pakistan. The law used here is money laundering law(law for terror fund blocking). you might lose your money here if you could not verify your account.

moneybookers, adwords, adsense, all international companies give special treatment to pakistan. i.e pakistanis can't change ownership name of adsense account while other developed countries can

can i transfer funds from money booker account to HBL?

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can i transfer funds from money booker account to HBL?

first you must verify either address or bank account. i have read HBL accepts moneybookers.

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