Can i go for a Camcorder


I need a little advise, i wanna buy a Camcorder/Handycam to make videos on occasions like birthdays, get together etc. There are three problems i am facing right now

1* My budget is limited to 25k

2* I don't know any thing about a camcorders expect #3

3* I don't want to buy a cassette recording camcorder because its old technology now... i want some flash card or cd/dvd one..


Where are you gonna save your data?

If on your PC, then do you have the sufficient space?

If you are planning to load all movies online, then I would suggest you buy one with QVGA resolution, which in that case you could also buy a digical Camera.

Saving data is not a problem. :(

Then You should buy ones that have their own storage (HDD) or ones with MicroSD/SD card support.

I think you will find Olympus cheap here in Pakiland. Otherwise good ones are the usual:

Sony, Panasonic, n Canon

Don't buy the MiniDVD or DVI discs.

Go to these sites:


ofcourse you need and HDD Camcorder Handycam and for a better and long support.

and if you go for them, then that's above the price range you are considering for your budget. you will probably not get a good one as per your requirement within that budget.

how ever for normal video recording (even for good recording) you can choose a good Sony Cybershot cam or any alternative in other brands with higher capacity memory cards support. You can get good one in them within your budget

I have a budget of £350.

Please suggest some good camcorder within this range. Someone will get it for me from UK.

Please mention will it be good to purchase two devices for capturing video and photos separately or not?

And explain the cd/memory card option. I mean to say, can I record video on a memory card?

I think this one at amazone UK is good one in my budget: Panasonic HDC- SD60 Camcorder

Generally Panasonic Camcoders are really good. I myself have Panasonic SDR-H40 and its great.

Do look out for an HD camera, I will always choose between Canon and Panasonic

Or you may check out Micro third system by Panny and oly.

Is your focus more on photos or movies ?

^both :)

If you dont mind a movie w/o ultra zoom then go for a Digital camera. The movie it makes is pretty good, especialy those around the 350 pounds mark.

For DCameras:

For Camcorders:

Do you think that HDC- SD60 Camcorder wil give all features for video and photos?

@Imran; if you are really not wondering to save some money from the budget you told for it, then I'd say "GO" for "Panasonic HDC- SD60 Camcorder".

You won't be compromising with it. HDC-SD60 is the better camcorder with all the great features. It would be perfect for your home/party/function event making great. And the same for your still images to get them printed out of your PC to put in your hand held album.

but if you have any thing in your mind to save some of the money and willing to get any sort of good Cam, then you could choose from the list deffury provided above.. they are just good for capturing your events just in a great way and/or great quality of still images.

More specifically if your primary purpose is to record videos then go for a Camcorder. And if you are going to watch your videos an HD TV-LCD or some thing like that, then absolutely go for

HDC- SD60 for the best quality between others above. Otherwise if you are going to use your regular TV to watch the videos then I would suggest to save your money and choose one from the Camcorders deffury listed

Second if your primary purpose is gonna be the still photography then you should choose one from the following Digital Cameras in order

1- Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ38

2- Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ10

3- Nikon D3000

4- Panasonic Lumix DMC-G1

These are also collected from the deffury's post. Others are not having the capability of recording videos, if I am not mistaken..

I would like to mention that I've spent over 2 hours reviewing the above cameras. but I just compared them with some primary functions for a camera to be the best in them. e. g. Resolution, Optical Zoom, Lens, Image Sensor etc....

General Tip: Always use "Optical Zoom" if you ever want to use the zooming feature. Using "Digital Zoom" is not more than making the picture quality worse, either in video or in still image, instead you can do it better on your PC in any image editing software e.g. Photshop.

If I get a DCamera and a Camcorder separately then it will not be in my budget (350 pounds).

And I think my mentioned device has optical zoom feature. Problem is only battery which 1hr and 15 mnt only.

I have a Sony DCR-SR47E 60 GB hard drive with full warranty till Nov 30th. Only used for one wedding function, otherwise mint with all accessories and box etc. I'm in Islamabad, if you are interested can let me know, asking 25,000 but will negotiate.

honestly speaking, you wont keep these vids on your HDD forever and dvds will get scratched some time or another, so buying HD quality stuff is a waste. If you plan to upload it then you know as well as I do that the quality will be reduced, and on a regular Analog TV, the quality will look good even with a qvga res. Also people generally dont care about the quality, they just want to see the people and the things they are doing.

In the end, its all up to you.

I want a digital camera for both video and stills for a 12-year-old kid

price must be less than 10k

any suggestion?

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