Can I get an opyic fibre cable?

Hi, my friend told me that ptcl installed a optic fiber cable for him at no cost. I wanted to get one because my router desyncs every 2 minutes.

I have called 1218 to fix the wire. They said they did but still the modem desyncs. Its literally driving me mad. Noise margin is 15-18 and Attenuation is 29.

I don't know why the modem desyncs.

you dont get fibre to the home exactly! but fiber to the cabinet! Yes you can apply for an "ONU" number in that case.

P.S. Care: Your number will be changed in this scenario!

^firecruz check ur pm.

So is it free and possible? How can I contact them...

And by the way, whats ONU?


optical fiber is available in my area. how can I apply for shifting my current line to optical fiber. should I go to exchange or call 1218 or 1236???

Give an application to Exchange SDO / AM MMBB! Giving the reason for changing! (noise etc)

and yes its free! Though they would do panga in case... There is no free pair available or they are corrupt! in either of the cases one need to bribe them :o i mean :X

this is just a brotherly suggestion off the record! but it works! officially its free!