Can anyone help me on this forum

hello respected members ,

I can make an account on this forum but cant post or reply anything , i also got the account activation link but whenever i post or reply anything i get following error..i tried making three accounts also from different places but same error comes...



if anybody can make a working account for me with which i can post thread and reply also on this ( then please make it and mail me that account at awesome_guy1985 at yahoo dot com

The forum administrators manually approve each signup application so try to be descriptive in all the Additional fields, making them think that you are actually interested in signing up. The usual name=ABC, signup reason=XYZ wont work there.

Membership approval, according to their site, takes upto one day so be patient.

Thus you will get automatic membership immediately, but full membership will only be granted if they think your details are appropriate.

i didnt use xyz names for registration on forum , you can see in the pic on the upside of right hand , i done this registration more than a week ago ,. and still didnt get access...

can anybody made a account for me and give me

it looks like that their forum script is having problems

I still didnt get working account on this team-bhp,, please can someone make a one for me,,,,

I will be thankfull to respected one a lot..

I sent you an email with an accout on 2nd October. Forgot to mention it here. Have you checked your email since then.

supmaster you are the man, tonnes of thanks,,,

long live wiredpaskistan....................

and how did you do that,,,