Call Delay Software


I'm FM DJ I want to download Call Delay Software for computer. Actual I don't want when Listeners call our FM Listener's Voice straight ON AIR when they talk on live call. I want to delay listeners voice for 10 or 20 Seconds. Need Help Please.

I am sorry luckyagm, if your are a DJ at FM Studio Room then it's probably not your job to set up the broadcast equipment. I am pretty sure that a well settled Radio Station would already have an equipment (phone interfaces) for broadcasting the calls/conversations whether they are live or recorded earlier.

The delay is needed actually when airing the show on, if it's going live. "Delay in calls themselves" is senseless, there is no meaning of it. You talk to the callers live without any intentional delay, but actually the conversation you both have, is being broadcast with intentional delay to help editing/removing any kind of profanity.

BTW, to my knowledge, all the Radio Stations have these equipment which are already in practice. Or else they don't get licensed to broadcast live shows if they don't have required equipment.

Dear KA.

Thanx such a nice suggestion, But it's a new setup we are in initial stage and establishing now.

^ that's a news for me... I excuse for not being a good help for it.

Not sure of the softwares available, but you can always increase the buffer before the stream goes to the compressor. I don't have experience in delaying streams - but one basic trick would be to increase the buffer.

Some stations don't let calls on-air immediately - they record the call, make any changes, and play it back as if it were live.