Alternative to Apniisp , funmaza etc


I have created my website for the entertainment purpose to download songs. what i focused is to provide everything without stinky popups and warez stuff. so please check my website and please do comment which should i do to improve it.

Currently working on my big networks ( & ) but they gonna took few months. so please do let me know about and tell me if they really are the alternative for the Funmaza and apniips.

well its just like those but the name isn't desi..

Oh god, why is everyone creating an Apniisp copycat these days?

And yes, Apniisp sucks.

apniisp. funmaza etc suck big time..all of them are one dimensional with dull layouts.. i prefer, with every song u get two download mirrors one in europe i guess and one in the usa and i love their facebook app.. pretty fast and thats wht i like

for indian music djluv ftw!!