Cable tv provider in clifton

Hey is anyone using a cable tv provider in Clifton thats called "laserlight" or lase something, not sure of the exact name. anyways i would really appreciate the contact information for the company, thanks.

well, if anyone knows of any other cable tv provider in clifton (other than wc) please post here. thank you

what about Mehran?

Yes. Mehran is alright. They have office near Dilpasand in Hamilton Courts i guess.

Does Mehran has a better lineup then WC? What happens during load-shedding???

i think i called them a while back, unfortunately they said the installation would cost 6000 bucks, because of the distance from their cabe node.

Yes, I am sick of worldcall too. It works great for some time. But when there is a problem; its like I have to prepare for a war.

I've been a customer for perhaps a decade now and I am really tired of fighting battles with them.

Please please let me know about any and all cable tv operators that might be there in the PIDC area.

Watching TV is not good for Health

You are so right.

Most of shop @ clifton centre including us were using WC but due to there pathetic after sales service most of us has changed to a local cable provider. the result is crystal clear, channels line up, not much sure as at work all you concern is news channels or some time sports.

Unfortunately, my person who pays or deals with them is on vacation, will be back in next 2 days, and then i can post their contacts etc., in the mean while you can visit clifton centre to chk things out. If you do so, have a cup of tea with us as well :)