Cable TV in Pakistan - State of Affairs

It's a shame that countries like india and the Philippines have established their own cable TV companies which offer quality cable TV services yet Pakistani companies lag behind in this sector. Almost all of us have heard of DishTV which offers subscriptions even outside of india. As far as we're concerned, the state of affairs of our cable TV companies can be seen here: http://en.wikipedia....panies#Pakistan

LOL! That's an insult on its own!

I wonder when large multinational or local companies in Pakistan will consider investing in this sector wholeheartedly and start offering quality services regardless of the price. We do have companies like DWN that offer digital cable TV in the form of DTH (direct to home) but unfortunately their channel lineup comprises of mostly local channels which viewers can get by subscribing to their local cable wala's service.

If Pakistani companies such as ARY can invest in channels like HBO and AXN to offer a localized version of these channels, why can't they collaborate with companies like OSN, MBC, etc and create a DTH service that offers services similar to DishTV?

I hope major companies like wi-tribe, worldcall wateen and others will look into this and try to invest in this so far untapped market in Pakistan just as they have invested in the internet sector in recent years.

in absolute agreement with u...

n !@#$ comps shud also collaborate with Intl comps for sports channels too...

already the state is in turmoil , now the Depressed man cant even enjoy some gud sports even in his home!