Cable Report - (((((Please help me))))


i have been offered a very good job in a tv channel as distribution officer, I am on probation right now and have to submit a distribution report or else they will not confirm me on this post; I really need your help to prepare it and will be really really thankful for all my life;

I only need channel position of following channels;

Cable operator name


Apna position (means: Apna Tv channel kis number par aa rha hai)

Waseb Position

Rohi Position

thank you in advance...

I can get u details of Pattoki City! B)

03218502982 mr jamshad is the right person to help u in Islamabad

hMMM :>

@hammad: any city is ok.. I need to report for complete Pakistan...

need more of your cooperation, mr jamshed did not have time so did not help.

u r asking something which is very personal and hard to get there are like 2000 cable operators all over pakistan working now its next to impossible to get all the cable operators names and channel list what channels are placed on which channel !!!!!!

best way is to approach pemra regional offices get the cable operators name and contact details from them in that region and contact one by one

Ask someone in PEMRA they have complete details of wats running on which channel slot...better get someone who can do the inside'll hardly be a .pdf or .xlx file covering all the info..!

Ok I will give u details tomorrow :>

In Islamabad i guess there are only 3 major cable operators:


i dont have access but will try to get info about it.

Nova (previously known as Webcom):

Apna @ 68

Waseb @ 69

Rohi @ 28

DWN (previously known as Sun TV)

Apna @ 29

Waseb NA

Rohi NA

@shuAK: thanks a lot brother

@multichoise & @Mazahyr: i am not asking about all channels, I just need position of 3 channels.