Cable, HD Cable, Local Cable in Sharfabad (CP Barar) near bahadurabad Karachi

Hey everyone,

I'm looking for a good Cable Operator in Sharfabad area of Karachi that provides mainstream channels. Please drop by their contacts below in the comments section. My cable wala is screwed up literally downtimes every next day, bad picture quality and most of all he isn't customer responsive (dude switches off his phone after 5 pm..)..
So please if anyone knows a good cable wala in Sharfabad area let me know..

p.s. Worldcall does not operate in my area and i don't wanna go for Wireless services because they're expensive.

Thank you! :)

SOrry bro m not from Karachi but I hope you will definitely get the best possible solution for this best of luck...:P

Dearo ,
Sharfabad, Badhurabad , Pib , Jamshed Road and Gosia Colony (behind Central Jail) are distributed by Khalid (Dealer of Solo) and no other distributor can ruin his owned areas . :(

Thanks dear for providing such a useful information..