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Anyway, I live in Bahria Town Islamabad and have a PTCL Landline and 8Mbps DSL installed at my house.

It works fine, line stats are great and speed is excellent, however, the cable that comes from the box outside my gate to the splitter inside my TV lounge is damaged now, causing some disturbance in the phone line and the line stats fluctuate a bit.

I want to replace the entire cable coming from the DP Box to the splitter inside my house. Whats the process for doing this?

PTCL is of no help at this point, I will only call them to come and connect the wires.

What is the wire called and are there differences in quality for this telephone wire? For example, the crap wire will be cheaper but the one thats thicker and of better quality will be expensive.

Are there any specific brands that make this wire, and where is the best place in Isb/Rwp region to buy it from?

Any help will be appreciated.



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First, you should contact the helpline and see where it gets you as that wire is probably the responsibility of PTCL ... they might even charge a nominal fee for that, but, don't pay anyone cash without any proper/official receipt!

If you want to get the cable yourself, you may get one from the market ... Twisted Pair one (recently PTCL has started using this again) is likely to better than others!

As far as quality is concerned, I know of no quality brands available here ... like in UK, BT provides its CW1308 certified cable for outdoor use in black colour (white for indoor use) ... and any cable following the same CW1308 standard can be used in a similar manner!

One may use any CAT5 cable (outdoor certified is preferred like gel filled type ... 'normal' one might be used inside a conduit or as it is if it is protected from rain and sunlight) ... taking care not to over-tighten the screws as the cable is soft!

Place would be 6th Road, College road as well as some online shops (in case of CAT5 cable)!

Goodluck shopping around ... if you see CW1308 anywhere, let me know as I would like to use it as well!



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Simply Lodged a complaint of Distortion in Line.

Whenever Lineman pops up, ask him to replace your complete wire from Pole to Splitter. Do Bargain regarding changing it. 500 to 1000. Thats how You gonna have it fixed in a day. Else the only option is to simply Cut & Refresh Joints.

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