CABLE CONNECTION between mobile and PC?

I am having problem in cable connection between my mobile(nokia 9300) and PC...

actually I have lost driver cd for the cable connection but I downloaded from net NOKIA PC SUITE...but even then it doesnt detect my mobile..I am used to using the bluetooth connection but the bluetooth device has gone out of order!!so i have reverted back to cable connection!!!!

so any help!!!

Considering you have already checked if the cable is not faulty, try the following which might fix the problem.

Uninstall the Nokia PC Suite, Uninstall all the USB drivers (Including USB HUB controller), then restart the pc (Make sure you have not connected the mobile to PC yet), after Windows re-installs your USB drivers, Install the Nokia PC Suite (Hopefully you have downloaded it from official page from, and now connect the mobile to USB. There might be an option in your phone to use the USB as modem or mass storage, make sure it is set as Modem.

i ll try!!!