C&c:generals 2 is cominnnnnggggg! wwwoooottt

Like the topic says C&C:Generals2 is coming, so:

- What are your expectations?

- The Sides shown are GLA, EU but the third faction is not released yet...who do think it is?

- Do you think it will come in consoles?

- Can they gain our trust after what they did with C&C4?

- Will we get to snipe some Noob soldiers......Jarmen Kell!!!!

They committed suicide releasing c&c4, epic flop!

I lost my faith for future of C&C series after that. I would rather go back to win98 and play C&C Red Alert. While i still like to play C&C redalert2 and yuri's revenge, I still have the CD i bought in 2001-2.

I strongly believe they need to recreate something like Tiberiun sun and Firestorm. Those were one of the best parts ever IMO.

The Tiberium series were true classic games but Generals brought the realism in the C&C universe.....there are no units you cant use effectively....I mean...has any infantry ever been useful like in Generals?

generals was so ridiculously imbalanced...if you want to play an actual rts, play starcraft 2 or warcraft 3.



The original Generals maybe wasn't that unbalanced (at least at the low levels that we play on); but there were a lot of 'flashy' user made mods which were REALLY imbalanced.

I remember I used to just mass Comanches and it would counter everything.

just so you understand the original Generals was never a part of the C&C series .nor this is .Second the Generals was created by Ex westwood employees meaning they have seen and done RTS since Dune 2 whereas Bioware hasn't so don't expect any wonders from them since they messed up ME 3 ending.

C&C series is good but Starcraft 2 is where it's really at. ^_^

I think its unfair to say that one RTS has better strategy than other....

Its all about which game offers the most fun, rather than wasting time just playing and not having fun (Supreme Commander)...

I personally love






Company of heroes is probably my fave as its just too real, not the graphics but the actual battles....