Bye Bye "BIOS"

[h]Change to 'Bios' will make for PCs that boot in seconds[/h]

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New PCs could start in just seconds, thanks to an update to one of the oldest parts of desktop computers.

The upgrade will spell the end for the 25-year-old PC start-up software known as Bios that initialises a machine so its operating system can get going.

The code was not intended to live nearly this long, and adapting it to modern PCs is one reason they take as long as they do to warm up.

Bios' replacement, known as UEFI, will predominate in new PCs by 2011.

The acronym stands for Unified Extensible Firmware Interface and is designed to be more flexible than its venerable predecessor.

"Conventional Bios is up there with some of the physical pieces of the chip set that have been kicking around the PC since 1979," said Mark Doran, head of the UEFI Forum, which is overseeing development of the technology.


For details check BBC-Change to 'Bios' will make for PCs that boot in seconds


Thank God they will replace BIOS with some new stuff. BIOS has been around for quite long enough.

Ahmm that will be cool :)

Good.. but i guess we won't be using desktops in the near future.. tablets will be the new mainstream pc.. do tablets use BIOS aswell?

will it be a freeware and work on the existing pc's or not?

there is already efi in mac for ages, late comer for pc...