Buying used LCD monitors

I am considering buying a used 17-19" monitor but there seem to be many repaired and defective ones in the market which the sellers label as as-new. What things do you consider when buying a used LCD? or would you totally recommend against buying any used LCD monitor?

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What things do you consider when buying a used LCD? or would you totally recommend against buying any used LCD monitor?

when buying any LCD monitor when you choose witch model you want then when you receive your monitor MAKE SURE THE RETAIL BOX IS FACTORY SEALED there is no reason for importer or reseller to open monitor box. you as a customer should open the box yourself at the shop to inspect the monitor at the time of transaction. ALWAYS BUY NEW ONLY.

open box LCDs or locally resealed box one can not know if the LCD has been used or returned by previous customer etc, since LCD has no moving parts so there is no wear and tear so its hard to detect if the monitor is used before.

LED or florescent backlit has limited life so you wanna make sure that you use that lifespan rather than the guy who used it before you, thats why get new and not used.

Well look at it's year of manufacture, then set a white background and see if any black spots are visible, tell the shopkeeper you want a fresh piece which mean one with no spots.Then ask how much checking warranty he is providing.

if you can manage 10k or 12k then i would suggest you go for a new lcd monitor.

Along with above, always check brightness control. Many repaired monitors whose backlighting power supply has been changed, can no more control the brightness.

I would recommend against buying a used lcd at all. New lcd monitors from 16 to 18.5 inches are available in the market new box pack (in warranty) from 7500-8500 rs. Cheaper pieces are also available, if you buy one with a vga port, no multimedia and lower contrast ratio. All you have to do is bargain.

Brands ranges are:







aoc (new arrival)




benq (limited)

Try to get one with 2-3 year card warranty and also dot warranty. Meaning if a 1-5 dots come on the screen in 2 years then the monitor will be exchanged for a new one.

Well, I've had a good experience with used LCDs, you just gotta check it right before buying. It saves a few Ks, but you don't get any (proper) warranty, so IMO buying a used one is only preferable if you're low on money.

I would be recommending the LCD'S of Samsung as to they have got the best colors....