Buying SSD 240 GB Help

I was considering buying Adata 240 GB SSD cost around 7500-7800 from AliExpress.
Then someone suggested me buying Transcand 2240 GB cost around 8500-9000 from Hafeez Center.
There are also used 240 GB available of different vendors around 6500-7000.
Which should i consider buying. Please help.

I think that you should go for a SSD that is brand new, and comes with warranty.

Transcend is a good brand. For comparison, Kingston SSDNow V300 240GB is available in Karachi for around PKR 8,000, and the price of Corsair Force Series LE 240GB is PKR 9,400.

This is supposed to be a better ssd compared to others available in the market (the seller is based in Lahore):

in terms of whats available


In ideal world options

NVMe > Sata SSD

Then in Sata SSD

Samsung>OCZ>Corsair>Intel>All others

It is sad that Crucial SSDs are not available here. In comparative reviews for SSDs the top three brands are usually Crucial, Intel, and Samsung.

if buying for long term , prefer intel new disks, or the samsung 850 PRO... not the evo model.. evo is TLC.. pro is durable and longer lasting thus being much expensive..

if buying for 2-3 years, then any disk will do.. even used are great as they dont have bad sector problems..

In real-world case scenarios, most SSDs will perform similarly. While benchmarks tell a different story by giving over-exaggerated numbers of read & write performances. The most obvious difference will be reduction in cold-startup and program execution, which in my extensive testing, have found to be overall similar in amongst all SSDs.

As others have pointed out, you're a lot better off with a local warranty brand new SSD, as they're prone to failure a little bit more than their mechanical counterparts. Kingston is tried and tested if you want a no frills SSD, I'm on my 2nd year on that SSD and so far its been working great. One great benefit or disadvantage of having an SSD is that once you go aboard on an SSD, you don't ever want to go back on mechanical. The difference is simply too great to fathom.