Buying new desktop

computing needs are chit chat HD videoing and browsings

budget is 16k

there is on galaxy dual core pc which is for 16.5k is it really a good deal or not??

i couldn't trust on local shops so i can even go for online order

Only brand-new or would used work as well?

and I am guessing you want a casing/psu as well with it? (full PC) and do you need a GPU? though its not needed as the usage you mentioned will only be chitchat/hd videos...

yes a full pc and give me prices (specifications) for both used and new and please also confirm do you cargo goods all over punjab

If you're referring to IMX than we can't accommodate in the budget you have (we ship all over Pakistan through Leapord Courier).

I recently got another PC for same purposes (selling it now).

AMD Athlon x2 5600+ (2.7GHz Dual-Core)

2GB Ram


on-board radeon integrated graphics

Casing/PSU included

the above cost me 10.5k, a PCIe GPU can be added as well for 4k i.e 9600GT (got my friend this ditto same PC with 9600GT)

My dad plays Starcraft II on this PC but we're now getting a laptop hence selling!

let that budget on at side and please tell me what bundle or system you can provide with least prices?

i had asrock mobo in 2006 and it was quite reliable and good in performence now again i would love to get it

Processor: Intel Pentium G620 - Rs. 6,000 (don't look at the pentium tag, it almost performs same as Core i3 540)

Motherboard: ASRock H61M-HVGS - Rs. 5,500

Ram: G.SKILL NT Value Ram 2GB - Rs. 1,200

Optical: Samsung DVD-RW - Rs. 1,750

HDD: Grab a used one from market because HDD prices are VERY high (200x higher compared to few months back).

PSU/Casing: We have casings and PSU's from Xigmatek/Antec/Bitfenix so they'll ofc be expensive compared to the promedia e.t.c casings here. Better grab a promedia casing that comes with 300W PSU (should cost 2-3k)

That totals to Rs. 17,450 (excluding HDD).

p.s ASRock have really grown a lot in the past 2 years, they have surpassed MSI in terms of motherboard sales and are ranked 3rd behind ASUS and Gigabyte.

you can buy a core2duo in less budget ................

strickx this pentium g620 is not listed on your page so then how can i order this

Call alien at his number 0321-5545111