Buying mkv or avi movies and series(In Lahore)

Can I buy TV Series (DVDRip, HDTV or 720p) and Movies (720p or 1080p) in .avi or .mkv container (file type), without any re-compression or conversion before they are burned on DVDs in Lahore ? There must be few places that sell these.

Please don't recommend downloading, i know how and where to find rare movies and stuff (HD and SD) both on private trackers and rapidshare, etc.

I have 2 telephone lines and both can't provide decent DSL service, have tried both LDN and PTCL. I want to limit use of my DSL by downloading only hard to find stuff or stuff that i need in a hurry.

Go to Hall Road, then go the China Plaza (its on the side of Zatoon plaza). There is Embassy DVD shop (or Embassy CD or something like it but mainly its popular because of Embassy). They are the only one who actually download shows from internet and then sell them (they don't deal in Movies anymore just tv shows).

Talk to them but i doubt they will agree on your terms and its gonna be hard for you find shows in Bluray or HD format.

Option#2:: there are lots of heavy downloaders from Lahore, who happen to be member of this forum. May be they can help you.

Hello i have some collection of Tv series anime and movies in avi and mkv