Buying in Pakistan from Walmart


Any one having experience of online purchase from within Pakistan, at walmart, using credit card. Do they sell things / ship to Pakistan, if so whats the custom duty etc here in Pakistan in how its charged.

First of all I don't even know what is Walmart, Can you tell me what is it :P , and yeah later on I hope you will get your answer from here from some other member, if anyone know what you asking for

I am afraid Walmart store does not ship to Pakistan.

In fact, they ship only to places inside America, or

where there is a sizeable number of American troops

stationed. So you are plum out of luck there.

There are international Walmart stores, like 8 in

india, but they sell 90% of local stuff. So useless,

even if they shipped to Pakistan.

Sheikh 'No Cigar' Chilli

I would suggest instead go for Target. It's even better than

Walmart and starting late last year, they have made them-

selves available for international customers, including us.


Sheikh 'Nishana' Chilli

You can use mail forwarding service to get your own USA address, shop anything and when a package arrives there, have it automatically shipped to you in Pakistan.


But you will have to pay for shipping charges, which can be around 3000-5000 Rs. for DHL etc.