Buying Gaming PC vs PS3/XBOX360

My vote will go in favour of console gaming. I have been an avid PC gamer myself and i am now convinced that console is better, more enjoyable and hassle free.

As far as your budget is concerned, it will buy you a decent enough pc to compete with xbox 360 atleast...however, PS3 has its own charms, graphics and processing power which by far, are one of the best to deliver an enthralling gaming experience. Moreover, keep in mind that going for PC gaming will ask for more hardware updates as compared to console gaming. As new games arrive, they are optimized for newer graphics card that are thrown in the market on a monthly basis atleast, which means upgrades for the RICHER EXPERIENCE of games. And as you can see, last year and before, it was all about the i3, i5 and i7 processors. Now its all about Sandy example to ponder on the changing market trends.

Now as far as console goes, we know that xbox 360 and PS3 are here for quite some time now, and hopefully, they are going to remain there for some more time.

So in my opinion, console is a better investment.

Plus points:

You won't have to buy a dedicated LCD for console... which will cost atleast 8000-9000 rs.

In case of PS3, you will be getting blu ray, and your TV can become a web browser, twitter, facebook, if u provide a internet connection to it.

And you will not get any controllers with a PC....

Look bro I will be honest with ya.

I own an old 2007 Gaming rig whose only upgrades were a Ati 4870 and 4GB RAM... I also own a Xbox360 and PS3...

So, in my experience.... get a Xbox360(25K) and an i3 2nd Gen PC(35K)...

It is more than enough..

-I get to play all sort of games:

In 360:

  • Alan Wake
  • Gears of War2
  • Tekken 6
  • Soul Calibur 4
  • Vanquish
  • Castlevania:LOS
  • Halo:Reach

In PC I can play all games at Mid or high level.

Thanks for such nice and detailed comments, I have made my mind, I am going to buy xbox360 now and a PC in the beginning of the next year, hopefully the prices of the high end graphics card and other items will come down because there will be another fleet of high end equipment.

Anyways, I have following questions, I am coming from Muscat and I can carry xbox with me, but i m not sure if the games available in market locally will work right away, also i have doubt that prices in Rawalpindi would be lesser than those in muscat, after all they are not as technically advanced as we are in Pakistan and its true.

I am just coming for 15 days and the theme is to play multi player games with my bro here :).

I was searching through google and came across that we need to mod/flash the xbox to work with the pirated games.

experienced opinions needed :)

^ Yes, you do need to modify your console (whether XBOX360 or PS3) to play pirated games, Modification costs around 5k for xbox360 here.

Guys, Yesterday my brother checked in Pindi and Xbox360 250gb was not in market but they said that they will arrange that and price would be 38K, so i bought that last evening from Muscat for 28K, its xbox360 250GB black Slim, manufactured in feb 2011.

Lets hope they can do mod on that because here no one is playing pirated games :)