Buying Gaming PC vs PS3/XBOX360

Assalamoalaikum WP users,

I am confused between either to go for Gaming PC or Playstation3/xbox360.

I want to play games like NFS, GTA, Tekken & CoD on Highest possible quality.

What are you suggestions about it? I have 15 days to make up my mind and go for any of the above.

PS: Is it possible to get a very nice gaming computer with in 50K - 60K,,,with very very nice Graphics Card???

You'll be able to assemble a very good gaming PC in that price range, the specs won't be the highest, but you'll get a very satisfying performance nonetheless.

As for whether to go for PC or a Console, its entirely upto you... BTW, do you plan to play legit or pirated games?

My vote is for Consoles and If you are hardcore gamer go for PS3, its fully hacked and graphics are awesome.

@ Upsilon and Shiraz,

I am not a hardcore gamer but i like games a lot, I am more inclined towards getting a new PC because you can easily upgrade a computer and then you also can use PC as a PC but for PS3 its only for gaming.

On the other side buying a PS3 is much less headache, just go and buy and put the cd and play the game, no hassle of selecting equipment, installing the windows and games and no viruses :)

For PS3 i don't know when the next console is coming and the day PS4 will come in market my PS3 will be old :P.

One more reason to select PC would be the "mouse" which i dont think we have it with PS3 and is needed in may FPS games.

SO i am totally confused.

Regarding the piracy games, I would not mind using legit games :)

How about this GT 250 card,

If i want to get a system with GT250, how much would it cost and how about the performance of this card wrt CoD4?

^ Then i think you should go for PC, its really not as much hassle as you think, and unlike consoles, you don't have to get it modified either, which is a hassle.

As for GT250, its decent, but if you want a gaming PC, then you should atleast go for GTS450, which is just a little costlier than GT250.

Besides, if you still wanna buy a console, than I'd recommend getting an Xbox360 instead of a PS3... especially if you plan to play the latest games.

I was just looking into galaxy website, lets say if i go for GTX 550 Ti as SLI, How will that be performance wise?

^ Then you'll step out of your price range... What about a single GTX550 Ti?

And it's performance is slightly more than a GTS450, thus good.

What resolution do you intend to play games on?

How about this configuration down?

Any suggestions for improvement or cost cutting?

Graphics Card GTX 560 Ti (upgradeable to SLI later)

Motherboard Sabertooth X58

Processor Core i7 950

Casing/PS Antec 600W

HardDisk WD10EARS

RAM 3 x 2 GB DDR3 - 1600 MHZ


Actually I want to play Full HD, the configuration above is exceeding my limits though,

mostly because of processor and Motherboard, Sabertooth X58 has dual x16 pci-e 2.0, but the processors supported are only core i-7,

i want to make my system SLI later on

^ Dude, your requirements are much higher than your budget... Maybe you should get a console after all...

bilalspcs: It looks like you have decided to get a gaming computer. Your budget of 50-60k is extremely good.

I would suggest you don't go for the i7 but go for i5. The Sandybridge i5 fits better in your budget. Also Sli or crossfire has problems mainly some games not using the tech very well and too much heat generated etc etc. Too play games in full hd all you need is a good (single) graphic card, ram and processor.

Also the hard drive you have chosen is WD green (HardDisk WD10EARS) which I don't recommend. Choose a Seagate or a WD blue or black and you are good to go.

^ A gaming PC without a graphics card eh?

Besides, OP wants a SLI configuration, thats why it still won't work out...

And i forgot to mention, a Full-HD LCD monitor too, unless OP already has one...

OP CAN build a good gaming PC in his budget, only if he goes for an i5, and without a SLI/Crossfire motherboard.

why everything I like is out of reach of my wallet :P

thanks for replies guys,,, i m looking into a couple of other options,,, if none of them will work out then i will go for xbox360 as my brother is saying that xbox360 cds are far cheaper in Pakistan than ps3

^ That is true, because Xbox 360 uses DVDs, and PS3 uses Blurays... And DVDs are far cheaper than Blurays.

Should i buy xbox360 from Pakistan or abroad, i have both options, if i bring it from outside, will i be able to play the local games available in market?

I guess so, since major game releases are region-free... Besides, i think you'll be able to find both region releases here... And you can also simply download & burn your desired region releases yourself.