Buying a secondhand graphics card: smart or stupid?

I want to buy a slightly upper-end graphics card for my computer, but unfortunately due to money isses, i cant afford to pay more than 6000 rupees. I thought to myself maybe I should get a used hi-end graphics card rather than a brand new low-end one.....what do you guys think? I am pretty much computer illiterate so I have no idea what are the chances of someone selling me a defected piece, and whether this will be a smart move on my part or not.

Whats going to be projected use of the card. If you mention your system specs and how and for what you are going to use your system, somebody may give you a better suggestion.

graphix card are known to sometimes die without any reason...

so i d prefer one in warranty..

i lost a card wich was in warranty so i got a new replacement...

it had only days of warranty left when it died..

I will never buy a used graphics card unless its from some close friend and i am 100% confident its fully working and why the owner is selling it. And if you get a really good deal and the gpu has some original warranty left (not check or local warranty).

I haven't had much luck buying used stuff so I wouldn't recommend it. And yet the temptation is there to buy used things because of the price difference :)

In the case of graphics cards, a price cut is long overdue on older hardware. The directx10 cards that are being sold in Pakistan are a rip off. They've stopped selling them in the west and here they are charging an arm and a leg for them!

Also the price difference on used graphics cards isn't a lot. Around 1000 to 2000 per card. That small saving will easily melt away on transportation costs should the card turn out to be faulty and you have to go from pillar to post to claim warranty.

Buy always new.. nuff said!!

As long as the person is trusted...

i have bought used graphic cards before,,,,all of them have warranty and i have always gotten the warranty receipt,,,,

a ati 4670 died on me recently which i had bought dabba pack and with warranty so i got it replaced,,,you never know when these things are gonna die on you,,,either new or old