Buying a New Sony LED TV

Recently I planned to buy an Sony LED TV. I searched the internet including the sony official website. Then I went to market (I am from Karachi) and found that shop owners are offering me a 32 inch 3D + Smart Sony LED TV for 30K (including Glasses and built in Wifi and everything that a TV can offer) with 1 year warranty which will be claimed from THE SHOP I am buying the TV. official sony centres doesnt have a 32 inch 3D tv neither does the sony official site for Pakistan have it.

Official sony centre offered me KDL-32R402 for 38K

Shops around regal had KDL-32W80 (3D+Smart) for 30K

Now the problem is that I cannot find KDL-32W80 anywhere on the internet for its official specs. is it even Legit???

Anyone got any idea regarding what should I prefer? coz leaving a 3D+Smart TV at that price is a hard thing to do ;)

You basically bought fake sony tv where the bezel is original but not the panel. So give it back and get the original one KDL-32R402. But i recommend you to purchase this LG TV:

Never buy your tv from a non-authentic source. It is most likely once in a blue-moon cost and you should not try to save 10k or even 1k just because el-cheapo tv has better specs.

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Official sony centre offered me KDL-32R402 for 38K

Shops around regal had KDL-32W80 (3D+Smart) for 30K


The cheaper one KDL-32W80 is sure a fake Chinese TV.

Even if you go for original KDL-32R402, keep in mind that this is old and discontinued model with only 1280 x 768 WXGA Resolution.

Also check if it has a built-in power supply or it comes with some external adapter like a laptop charger. I doubt this model has got external power supply which most people may not like.

You have been....!!!!


Hahaha. I havent bought any LED yet. there are no samsung or sony 3d TV in 32 inch range. :(. Thanks to everyone for the info

dont go for 3D unless using 46In or above size tv.. 3d sucks even at that size, but still acceptable.. anything below will give you a 2.5D view at best.

پاکستان میں سب ٹیلی ویژن جعلی ہیں وہ اس طرح کے پاکستان میں ٹیلی ویژن کی پیکنگ رنگین ڈبے میں ہوتی ہے جب کہ انٹرنیشنل مارکیٹ میں کوئی بھی مینوفیکچر خاکی کارڈ بورڈ کے علاوہ دوسری کلر پیکنگ استعمال نہیں کرتے


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i am sorry but i dont agree. i have 40 inches samsung full hd 3d tv and i simply loved all the 3d movies. much better than the crap they show at cinema.

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thats your personal preference, cz maybe you didnt experience big screen.. i have 46, and 55 inch at home.. and 3d is always better at 55 than 46, even though 46 is the newest model..

same way home theater projector experience is the best 3d experience, just because its 100+ inch 3d..which canot be experienced at 40 inch..

ofcourse the bigger screen is, things look better. for a small room, 40 inch is enough but if u hang on wall, it looks small lol.

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