Buy Xbox 360 Elite

I have seen on that the Xbox 360 Elite is for $180=Rs.15300 which I think is too low for the Elite Edition.The link to that page is:

Can someone tell me what is the thing that makes such a price difference.And do they deliver in Pakistan.

The smart way to shop in North America (and I assume also in other western countries) is to keep in mind what you want, and then to keep a look-out for discounts or sales with respect to that product. You can buy products at significantly lower prices than the MSRP if shops have clearance sales or are offering discounts for some other reason. Some shops specialize in obtaining and selling products at a low price. These products may be refurbished and certified by the original manufacturer, or could have been obtained by some other means.

In this particular case, the prices start at $180 and go up to $335 for the new item. If you read the description for the cheaper option it states:

'This a replacement unit from Microsoft. There a 3 month warranty from Microsoft and a 1 monh gold membership. No other items, accessories, controllers, or hard drive, box is included. You will only receive the Xbox 360 brand new with 3 month warranty and the 1 month warranty '

So it does not come with anything other than the unit, and since its a replacement, the warranty is probably valid for a shorter period of time.

This is the old Xbox360, the new Xbox360 with Valhalla chipset (40nm, GPU & CPU integrated onto motherboard) is out with better cooling and there will be no RRoD (overheating), it'll turn of Xbox360 automatically. Other than that, there's built-in WiFi, newer design and user replaceable hard drives etc.

^Actually it hasnt been tested for modding yet and people are yet to release a stress test of the new elite..

^All Xbox360 chipsets till now have been modded, it's only a matter of time for this one.

All the reviews/tests till now show it consumes a lot less power and produces less heat. I doubt it'll be worse than the previous chipsets.

I hope so too.....