Buy/Sell/Trade Rules

Rules for Buy/Sell/Trade [b/S/T] forum:

These are the WiredPakistan B/S/T rules which have been approved for use in this forum. These rules are in place to ensure that deals conducted here are as safe and legitimate as they can be. These rules will be strictly implemented and members are advised to only conduct B/S/T deal(s) with other members who follow the rules.

The B/S/T forum is a place of business so there will be no idle chit chat here. Members will be held accountable for their actions and statements. Any issues, relating to any particular B/S/T thread or otherwise can be reported to forum staff using the "Report" link present in all posts. Members may contact the forum staff for questions or assistance.

These rules are subject to change and as such, it is the responsibility of members who create thread(s) or post in the B/S/T forum to read and follow these and any new updated rules. Ignorance of these rules will not be taken as an excuse. Violation of any rule will result in action at the forum staff's discretion.

0 – Only members having 50 or more posts will be allowed to create threads or reply to existing threads in the B/S/T forum. Violation of this rule will result in the thread being summarily deleted.

1 – All threads posted in B/S/T must include at least one picture of the product (if applicable) alongside a sheet of paper that has the following handwritten on it:

* - 'WiredPakistan' or 'WiredPakistan Forums',

* - WiredPakistan forum id,

* - The date of the thread. <- (optional)

Generic product pictures off the web are not allowed. If a B/S/T offering has numerous products on offer, the above rule applies for all products, that is, the above must be followed for each product listed. For multiple images of the same product, the handwritten note needs to be visible in one image only. Images must be hosted on sites which do not require registration to view the images. Also, images should be of sufficient resolution for the prospective buyers to get a good idea of the actual product's condition.

2 – A B/S/T offering must have the following details where applicable:

* - Condition: Must be current and accurate.

* - Warranty: Warranty left, if any.

* - Known problems: This includes problems the product might have had before or now.

* - Asking price/trade: This must be included to give interested members a ball park figure of the amount of money involved.

* - Shipping options: Are the products shippable? If so, what shipping services will the seller use and who will pay the shipping charges?

* - Location of item: Where is the product/item currently available? It must be in your immediate possession/access for you to offer it here.

* - What will be included in the purchase/trade: This includes everything which will be part of the deal.

* - Contact method and time

* - Accepted payment methods: Online bank transfer, check, money order, Western Union, etc.

3 – Any software for sale, individually or as part of a larger product, must include the original media and a valid key/license for it.

4 – Sale or trade of NOT FOR RESALE equipment or software is not allowed. For the latter case, it is the seller's responsibility to study the software license (EULA) to determine applicable sale/resale restrictions.

5 – All B/S/T conversations MUST remain in public except the exchange of private info such as addresses and tracking numbers, etc. Details of any conversation relating to the B/S/T thread must be posted in the relevant B/S/T thread so that there is a public record available to the forum staff for reference.

6 - Once an agreement has been reached between the two or more parties, details of the agreement must be posted in the relevant thread by the seller so that everyone is clear on the details of the transaction. The buyer must show his agreement by quoting the seller's post and mentioning his agreement. For Trade transactions, members involved in the deal must mention who will ship first and the details of agreed upon payment mechanism. We expect members to have integrity and to honor any deals made. Any payment time being enforced between the involved parties must be mentioned in details of the deal.

7 – Any thread may not be bumped more than once a day.

8 – Every B/S/T thread must have a clear and concise title. It must be preceded by WTS (Want To Sell), WTB (Want To Buy) or WTT (Want To Trade).

9 – Do not post a reply to a B/S/T thread criticizing or lowballing the price of the listing. It will be considered spamming and will be taken very seriously since this creates a negative impression on matters of monetary importance. Interested members may post reasonable offers to the seller. If the offer is not accepted by the seller, move on. If the price is too high, the product will not sell and the seller will have to reduce the price accordingly.

10 – Policing the B/S/T forum is strictly forbidden. If there is any conflict, report it. The forum staff will peruse the report and act accordingly at staff discretion. Don't post in the thread about violation of any B/S/T rule(s). When in doubt, click 'Report'.

11 – Sellers are not allowed to remove the content of the original sales post after a transaction has been completed. Once the transaction is successfully concluded, both (or more) parties may update the thread on their experience so that others may benefit from said experience and seller/buyer reputation can be known. To conclude the thread, the seller MUST ask the forum staff for closing the thread using the 'Report' link.

12 - Any thread with no updates for more than two months will be closed regardless of the B/S/T offer being concluded or not. It is the responsibility of the seller to keep the thread updated at all times.

13 – Illegal and/or restricted items such as weapons, tobacco/alcohol, drugs or other dangerous items cannot be sold on WiredPakistan Forums. This judgment will be at forum staff's discretion. Paypal/Rapidshare and similar account sales, balance or credential sharing are strictly forbidden.

14 – When a rule is not in place to address an issue, the word of the forum staff is to be taken as law and will be final and binding in all respects. Any such decision by the forum staff cannot be challenged or argued with. is not responsible for any transaction(s) conducted on these forums. All transactions are at the sole risk and responsibility of the buyers and sellers. Forum staff cannot help resolve B/S/T disputes. Forum staff will have the final say in any matter and any such decision will be binding on all parties and cannot be challenged.