Buy new Mobile Phone - Range 25-30 k

Hello guys,

I want to buy a new smart my price range is 30k only ..i wont be able to get a new, very high end i was browsing and i found something related to american Stocked Phones...there is a website "payless" and they are offering very high end phones like s4 and s5 also for 22 k and 30 k respectively and saying 100 % original and stuff...There must be many experienced users with mobile phones on this forum, so if anyone can help me with this "American Stocked phones" and suggest me if i should go for these or get a second hand phone from somewhere else ? also if anyone can explain why are these phones low priced ?

Also if i must buy then which one would be better as s4 and s5 are almost same...except for the processor upgrade and some better camera.

I also had my eye on LG g3 ..How would u guys compare it with s5 ?

Also i read some good things about lenovo mobile phones..any good ones u can recommend me under 30k range ?

Also if i buy this american phone will i have some issue with unlocking some apps or stuff ? as i read somewhere on this forum that AT & T versions have this issue.

Edit: I just found a phone lenovo Vibe x2...It has everything i need...falls in my price range also...Just need your thoughts guys..should i go for it or do i go for the s5 ( american stocked ) ?

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That is a fancy term for Refurbished phones. Basically you're absolutely good to go for them as long as you know how to check for genuineness of the product (if not, i can further guide you on that note).

These phones are usually sold for half the price or less because 1) they're used & 2) they're either display models or refurbished (sent to the company for replacement of faulty or defective equipment, this is an official repair, hence nothing to be afraid of).

In your range you can get plenty of refurbished or used phones (and even some boxed pack ones if you're not too keen on the specs).

Also, when buying refurbished phones, make sure you're well informed about the prices. You mentioned you're getting an S4 for 22k, which is absurd because you can easily get an S4 for 16-18k in mint condition. (That is the I9505 version. If you want the I9500 version then 18-20k is the right budget, but i would personally advise against that as there's barely any noticeable difference in performance, and also the one i recommend has a slightly better battery timing).

S5 is not worth it IMO, you're better off going for Note 3 in that price range.

Both LG G2 & G3 are highly recommended. Personally I'd vouch for G2, but if you need more storage then G3 may be a better option for you. In either case you're better off buying these LGs than buying those Sammys.

Lenovo is good, though what you see in the market is the last batch of Lenovo phones, as all of their future phones will come branded under Motorola branding (Motorola is owned by Lenovo). So that's that. Still Lenovo is a better choice than Huawei. If you want me to recommend one, I'd say go for Lenovo Vibe X2.

If you don't mind going chinese branded phones, then you can buy plenty of boxed pack QMobiles in your range. The Z series is usually pretty good.

The refurbished phones you find in market are mostly carried branded versions (as in Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, At&t, etc), and no there's usually no issues exclusive to a carried version. And you don't need to unlock anything, these phones are just buy and use (although you should always put your SIM & check them properly before buying them). The unlocking problem is when you buy an iPhone, but since you're not buying that I'll spare you the details.


After your edit you've asked about the Lenovo X2, well as i mentioned earlier in my post, it is a good option in your budget, so yeah, go ahead, buying a boxed pack phone & opening that box has a special feeling that you don't get when buying a kit.


Wow, I haven't wrote such a long post in a long time. Oh well, i hope i answered all your questions & helped you make a decision.

Ty Upsilon for taking out your time to give me such a detailed answer. Much appreciated.

I just read about that lenovo thing..that company is going into loss and bla bla..i think ill go with mainstream samsung brand :D

You mentioned that 22k is alot for a american stocked phone..i saw these prices on the website i Is there any place else that u can recommend me to buy these phones? I live in lahore. They ( say they deliver the phone at home and give u a 7 day check warranty. note 3 is great..its just that its too big for me...i love that s5 size..thats y i didnt go for the note versions. they are giving s5 for 30 k ..its a (AT&T) s5. you can check on their wesbite also. Also i will appreciate if u could tell me what things to check for if i buy this the battery. display or touch etc.what s5 model is perfect atm.

Buying Lenovo won't be a problem if you keep using it for a long time. Resale price will be dropping, but it'll only be an issue if you change your phone often.

Now that you've mentioned you're in Lahore, perhaps that's not a lot for an S4 there. You see, electronic prices in Karachi are somewhat cheaper than other cities of Pakistan. I'm not uptodate with phone prices in Lahore so i can't guide you about that. You should probably check out phone markets in Lahore & ask around for a better idea of prices.

If the prices are indeed close to 22k, then you will either have to pay that much or if you have a relative in Karachi you can buy through them and get it sent to you by courier.

An S5 RC version is sold for 25-27k here in Karachi. I guess 30k is acceptable for Lahore then. Rest you can decide for yourself.

If you're only interested in Samsung phones, then may i recommend the latest Galaxy J5? It costs 23k brand new & has decent specs. You'll save about 7k here...

As for what things to check while buying, I'll write that in a separate post in some time. Gotta go now.

[quote=“Muneeb_Younas, post:3, topic:22154”]

Also i will appreciate if u could tell me what things to check for if i buy this phone…eg the battery. display or touch etc.what s5 model is perfect atm.


So. Whenever you go to buy one of these kits, first and foremost you need to make sure you’re buying the real thing and not a clone. So it is a good idea to google the images of the phone you intend to buy (you need to pay attention to the bezel size, the behind the cover essentials, the dimensions of the phone, and any other prominent aspect of the design).

For example see the image below:


As you can see, there are some small but visible differences among this original S5 & a certain clone of it. For example, the screws on the original one are tiny unobvious ones, while the ones on the clone are traditional ones. Also the designing (lining) is more complicated on the original one as compared to the fake one.

Once you’re past that. You should turn on the phone & pay attention to the phones display and camera. The S5 has a sharp display and camera. If you can see pixels or there’s a blur, or lack of saturation or the blacks are not deep, then they’re all signs of either a replaced display or a clone. You don’t want that. Same with the camera, take a few samples and zoom it upto 100% and see how the result is like. If you’re in a dark environment then don’t expect it to be noiseless.

The problem of clones is usually limited to carrier less versions. I have yet to see a carrier branded clone of these phones, and there’s a good reason why they wouldn’t exist.

Anyways, once you’re done testing the ergonomics of the phone and it’s visible hardware, it’s time to find out what’s inside.

So next step, you should immediately install a geniune hardware specs tool. I recommend Hardware Info by JFDP Labs. One you run it, it should show the same specs you saw on GSMArena. If not, then you have a clone on your hands.

Until now MTK chipset was a good sign of a clone, but unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on who you ask), MTK is now being adopted by many general vendors. MTK devices are coming from everyone from SONY to HTC. So quite possibly Samsung might be releasing future phones with MTK chipsets as well. So then you’ll have to resort to other techniques to find out the fakes.

Well, i think that’s about it for this class.

If you’re confused, then just buy some other boxed pack phone. Or if you must buy the S5, then make sure it’s a carrier branded version (Verizon, At&t, etc), and that you check it properly while buying. You’ll likely end up buying the right thing.

Happy purchase!