Buy Laptop Using Paypal?


Is there Any Site From where i can Buy Laptop Using Paypal in pakistan ?

I know One Site which Sale Mobiles Using PayPal and i bought From them its is AWESOME :)

But now Looking for Laptop Site...If Any one know any Good Site and 100 % working

Please post here


Well Why do you want to buy with Paypal while living in Pakistan ?

It seems fishy.....

Probably stolen PP ?

Stolen ? lol

No Brother that's My PayPal account and i like to Buy things Using it Because i Get Paid From Websites in PayPal account

My PayPal is not stolen its Being Working from Last 1 year and With No issues..As i already Mention I bought Mobiles From Sites and They accept my Payment and

Never Face any Problems

So Anyone If you have any Good Site Please let me know...I Already Tried Ebay and That Don't Turn out Good for me :( i never Receive my item :(

Can you tell me the sites you bought cellphone from , i need to purchase a samsung galaxy

i bougth from

Check that Site

but they take 15 % extra from PayPal Orders


IIRC, Shophive accept Paypal.

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IIRC, Shophive accept Paypal.

Are they trusted ? because I don’t wanna loss $$ here

please Confirm Thanks :)

Edit : Just Checked Shiphive Don’t have PayPal Option :(

Its Ok. PP charge pretty high fees thats why i dont prefer it . Good luck with finding one