Business Ideas requried | PAK & USA 2017


Anyone know of potential business ideas when living in the US? What sort business would you like to do to connect Pakistani Market with US Market or vice versa.

If Chinese residents here can do business here, I’m sure it’s possible from the US as well.

Love to hear your guys ideas and maybe set up a partnership :slight_smile:

My location is Islamabad.

We can’t be compared to China. They are giant, especially in last 5~7 years. Pakistan can’t get proper electricity and internet. We do NOT yet have PayPal here. What a joke!

The only “business” Pakistanis can do is “being in USA” rather than “being in Pakistan”. Almost every Pakistani I met (when they are visiting Pakistan from abroad), they say “hamara dil Pakistan ke liya dharakta hai”. Then b**t****, come and live in Pakistan with us, rather than living in comfort of Western countries then you’ll realize the reality of mosquitoes and sleepless nights due to hot humid nights without electricity.

The business opportunities from Pakistan to USA are same as everyone else is doing. Buy sh!t-ton of rice or whatever from Pakistan and export it to USA. Don’t expect success because everyone else is also exporting and market is fully saturated, whether it’s rice, fruits, dry fruits, spices, other produce, or SME small goods, Market is fully saturated. But you maybe able to make some decent money if you know some “arthi” (whole sale dealers in Pakistan) and export that thing and label your own brand and sell it in USA. Good luck Nawab sahib. :slight_smile: