Burning DVD, Help needed

I have never used a DVD writer in my life, I just installed Nero and now what i want is to make a DVD video disc. But as soon as i add a 700mb avi file somehow it utilizes 4gb of the disc space. I want to add at least 5 movies so what do i need to do? What am i doing wrong?

Plus i want them to be region free, i mean the type you buy in saddar and they would just play in every region.

Is it possible what i am trying to do?

If u create a video DVD from AVI file ...it will eat ur whole dvd ...................

select data-dvd from menu and just do drag and drop to make dvd of the same file size

but i want to be able to play it on a DVD player :/

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but i want to be able to play it on a DVD player :confused:

that will be tricky coz normal dvd movies that we play in our players are encoded in mpeg2 which requires a lot of bit rate and thus takes a lot of size while avi is much more compresses and takes much less space so if ur dvd player can play avi files than u might be able to fit 5 movies but other wise there is very little possibility

You can fit three movies max on a dvd with an acceptable bit rate (that's the blocks that show on screen). The more movies you put on the dvd the more blocks you'll start to see, picture and sound will deteriorate. I suggest you put a max of two movies/total of 3 hours video on one dvd.

I use a simpler solution though, I bought a dvd player with a usb slot built in. I have a 4gb usb stick. I just copy the movies onto it, plug the stick in the dvd usb slot and play it direct from there. I get the original bit rate and no need to go through the khawari of burning and compressing dvd's.

Use NeroVision Express 2 or above version.