Burial certificate

Anyone know how I can get a burial certificate made? The deceased individual was buried about 8 months back. But I only recently went to my local union council to get the death certificate made. They want me to furnish a burial certificate. Supposedly someone called a "gorkand" at the graveyard is supposed to provide the certificate. Anyone have any experience with this sort of bureaucratic nonsense?

After the funeral, an entry is required in a register there with the "Gorkan". The entry is about the Name, address, cause and place of death. After 2/3 days, the person who initiated the entry is suppose to collect an entry recored from the "Gorkan". If the person was died at hospital, then you need to collect a death certificate from hospital. You are required to furnish both i.e. hospital death certificate along with "Gorkan" entry record to Union Council office to get the official "Death Certificate".

Hope it helped.

p.s. I dont see any nonsense in this whole procedure.

lolz what the hell is this certificate from gorkan? Do share it in scanned form if you got one.

In Punjab no such things exist. In small cities we don't even have gorkan as normally the people of the locality dig the grave.

Na, its not a certificate from gorkan, its just a proof of entry. I am not sure if it is a must or not, but entry is to be made at graveyard.

Above docs are required to make it sure that the D.C. is issued to the right person and is not issued more then once. Not to mention the legality and the importance of D.C., so there need to be some formalities.

I know, one can get whatever he wants with a little help of....... you know what I mean :), but we are talking about wat the official procedure is.

Rokra, Just pay the peon 500 rupees, He will get you the death certificate of yours too :P Recently my friends grand father died, He had several issues to claim the will so He just paid the UC peon and the he did the job immediately :) The dead happened when his Grand Father was in Islamabad and it would have costed him more to get the certificate from Islamabad, But if you have no issues finding an 8 month old record go fot it. Gorgan might also ask for the chai pani.

^Why we always look for shortcuts :(.

How proud we feel after breaking the law.... I wonder, why we actually blame our leaders. We all are ...... :)

Hay, I am talking in general... and i used "we" not "you" so no offense please.

^ No man, I was feeling proud reading your comments :P I never thought you will say no offense in the end :D

One can't live freely or die freely in this country. Every thing is so complicated :o

^such rules are everywhere in the world.

[quote=", post:, topic:"]

In Punjab no such things exist. In small cities we don’t even have gorkan as normally the people of the locality dig the grave.


It does actually. You may not have seen it or heard about it, but it exists pretty much everywhere.

In most cases, people don’t need it so they just don’t bother getting one.

Ok thanks for all the answers. Especially icon sourcing.

Thank you ^^


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