Burglar alaram

On friday 4 robbers break in to my house at 4:45 in the morning and took money and gold. Now for my home security i am searching for burglar Alaram.which will tell me there is someone in my garage.

Please tell me from where i will get it

So sorry to hear that man. Anyone knows about security systems in Pakistan please help him.

Go for ADT.. they're the best in town

i hear phoenix in isb/pindi is good

Sorry to hear that. Where do you live?

If you live in Islamabad, contact 15 for suggestions. They provide information about security devices to install in homes.

ADT / Phoenix (previously Brinks)

that'll be one time equipment charges or recurring monthly charges

ADT / Phoenix charge for the system, and then for the monitoring / response service. Technically I guess you could just get the system and then cancel the service and it would still work but then no one would call to check nor would you get an armed response unit in case of any emergencies.

My heartfelt condolences virus_cracker. If you live in Karachi, I would

recommend Phoenix. We've been satisfied customers for years. It will

take them a full day to install all their equipment, like motion detectors

and sensors. After that you have to pay a nominal fee/month, which

works out to be less than any chowkidar/dog. The important thing is,

they respond within seconds, and are on the ground in minutes.


This may not be pertinent to this thread, but if you had elderly parents

or relatives who went through this ordeal, I would strongly recommend

that you get counseling for them, from a good psychologist. They may

not understandably wish to, or feel the need to at this time, but in the

long run, it will be supremely beneficial for their health and well-being.

Being involved in such cases is traumatic, even if no physical torture

was involved and feeds feelings of insecurity and helplessness that may

negatively color one's outlook and personality. We know several families

who have suffered needlessly after their ordeal.




Sheikh 'Pulls' Chilli

Just wanted to add, if you are trying to decide between ADT or Phoenix, find out where their response vehicles are stationed in your neighborhood. In Phase II, Phoenix is stationed at Abu Bakr Masjid and ADT has their response vehicles near or on 4th / 5th South St. Now in our case, they are both plenty close, however in your case it could be quite varied.

Good luck.

sorry to hear about your burglary>>adt and other security companies advertise in dawn as well so check that out

i would also suggest raised walls around your house with broken glass on top the walls>bars on your windows>>a guard dog is also helpful especially a trained alsatian>>>main door should be thick wood or steel and barricaded with thick lock>>might i also suggest a short nosed 6 shooter since government has opened licenses for guns>>just shoot in the air to scare off intruders>>

i dont want to alarm you but my uncles house got robbed... twice>>the robbers tend to come back>>also if you have a lot of cousins have them stay with you for a couple of weeks so that THEY know a lot off people are comin in and going out of the house>>it is difficult to rob a very crowded house

It really felt very good the people on WP do care for each other thanks you guys.

I am living in lahore in Allama iqbal town. I have also hear about a company who do security installation in a home. So how much they charge for it? what is up front money?

I have seen lots of time phoenix car in lahore but i dont think they will be able to provide such type of service in ALLAMA IQBAL TOWN. anyone got there number?

Sorry for the bad bad incident first . .

Get a guard dog first of al .no matter how brave n armed the robbers r .they wudnt stop themselves frm shiting in their trousers . . .Rottweiler ,boxer or a pure breed german shepherd should b agood choice . . .

After geting a dog go to any arms dealer and buy any 9mm pistol and a shot gun preferably a pumpaction .a single fire of a shotgun can make 9 holes in the rob's butt . .

Now contact any security service . .

Being armed and prepared for the badtimes is also recommended by our holyprophet S.A.W . . .