Building a new gaming pc need expert help

Hi everyone, I just made an account on this forum. And thought I would make my first post by something I have been planning and saving money on. I have been saving for a year now, Considering myself as being a gaming enthusiast I have about 2000 to spend

on my pc . so this is what i have been planning on.

GRAPHICS CARD - Nvidia gtx 770 2GB physx cuda (great graphics card It might be able to handle BF4 on 40-60 pfs on max)

MOTHERBOARD - ASUS maximus VI gene socket-1150 (great motherboard i have a friend that have it)

PROCCESOR - Intel core i5 4440K (good enough?)

RAM - Corsair vengeance ddr3 8GB cl9 (8 gb is enough as most games just need 4 gb)

HDD - Seagate barracuda 1tb (enough?)

COOLING SYSTEM - Corsair h55 hydro series (good?)

MONITOR - ASUS VE228TR 21,5 LED (great monitor as 21 inches is enough)

TOWER - fractal design define R4 black pearl (cheap and great noise reduction)

KEYBOARD - razer deathstalker essential (think it looks really beutiful)


So this is what I have been planning on, really havent got any idea of wich mouse im going to get. (I play fps games the most).

Is this setup good?, Will it be able to run next gen games at 40-60 fps.? If I need to change anything please feel free to give feedback

and your opinions, I am going to go back to montreal next month that means im going to buy and build my pc there. And if i build this pc in pakistan how much will it cost me.

I would suggest you to wait as r9 290 will hit the market in a few days..It blows out gtx 770 out of the competition,performs better than gtx 780 and would be the best bang for the buck when ou are investing 50k on a gpu.Will support mantle and is an absolute beast.50k for gtx 770 is not at all justified after r series launch.Nvidia has officially toned down the prices but its not happening in pakistan atm.