Building a handheld device [engineers help]


I want to build a handheld electrical device. I have very little knowledge when it comes to electrical components, so that is why I am creating this thread.

The device I want to build is based on magnets.

I want to build handheld electromagnet pulse generator or switcher (what is the correct word?)

Basically, I want to connect battery/DC adapter powered electromagnet to a switching circuit. The circuit switches ON/OFF the electromagnet X number of times. The user should be able to set the switching frequency whether 100 times par minute or 10,000 per minute etc.

Also, it would help if I am able to adjust the power of electromagnet as well.

What kind of magnet, batteries and circuit, IC’s transistors etc. would be required for this project?


What’s the purpose of this device?

It would help greatly to give you some good suggestions if you can explain what is the purpose of such a device.

What level of magnetic strength you need ? Size ? Geometry ?

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This device will be used for medical/massage purpose.

A small 1 inch round magnet would do just fine.

i want to add red lights (635nm) to it for light therapy

Also: is it possible to switch polarities of an electromagnet by changing current direction etc?

Kinda vibrator ? Why not use a motor with a lobe ?

Yes, the polarity of a magnet can be reversed by reversing the DC current. If the input is AC, changing wires will have no effect as the polarity is already changing due to being AC.

No. It will not use vibration.

The device will use magnetic fields (north) for therapy to cellular level.

Electromagnet > magnetic pulse (x times switching per minute > application on skin/affected area