BT Home Hub 2.0A on PTCL DSL

AoA everyone

i have a new BT Home HuB 2.0A modem router. i like its shape thats why i bought it.

these hubs are locked to BT but i managed to unlock it successfully and it accepts my username and password other than

The problem is that it connects to dsl line and shows stats of line but as PPPoA whereas ptcl is PPPoE.

i have changed the default vci/vpi to 0/103 via USER.INI. but even then broadband doesnt connect.

can anone plz help with ppoe settings.


Though there probably is an easier way to do it (via GUI/Wizard), but, currently mine is sitting in the closet ... so you'll have to use the CLI (it's preferred anyhow)

- Assuming you have telnet access to the Thomson CLI with appropriate user priviledges:

Optional: You may delete all current interfaces for the PPPoA ... in reverse order of creation as below

Note: You may also use the 'menu'! Also TAB works for autofill!

Phonebook entry and ATM config

1. atm phonebook add name=RtPPPoE_ph addr=0.103 (replace with your VPI.VCI)

2. atm ifadd intf=RtPPPoE_atm

3. atm ifconfig intf=RtPPPoE_atm dest=RtPPPoE_ph ulp=mac

4. atm ifattach intf=RtPPPoE_atm

Ethernet bridge (PPPoEoA)

5. eth ifadd intf=RtPPPoE_eth

6. eth ifconfig intf=RtPPPoE_eth dest=RtPPPoE_atm

7. eth ifattach intf=RtPPPoE_eth


8. ppp ifadd intf=RtPPPoE

9. ppp rtadd intf=RtPPPoE dst=

10. ppp ifconfig intf=RtPPPoE dest=RtPPPoE_eth user=dslusername password=dslpassword

NAT enabled before attaching

11. nat ifconfig intf=RtPPPoE translation=enabled

12. ppp ifattach intf=RtPPPoE

Don't forget to save

13. saveall

(Typos excepted)

Source: Thomson/SpeedTouch CLI configuration Manual(s)



Thnx for the input. but i managed to do it yesterday through hit and trial in USER.INI file. i had to enter entries in PPP.INI section as well as eth.ini.

The only problem i face now is that it says login required on my mobile devices. but if i forget and rejoin the network then it goes away.

my laptop keeps working fine.

btw i like the even coverage of the hub.

Hello Again!

Good that it works for you ... and yes its a nice router indeed ... quite configurable once you get to the CLI




I have unlocked bt home hub 3.0 A. DSL line connects. but settings are PPPOA and 0/38. So internet can not connect unless i change these.

There is no such option in GUI to change VPI VCI etc.

How can i access user.ini?

Should i edit it in place? or copy>edit>restore?

I tried telnet but it does not connect.

Please guide.

any one tell me how I can change user name of bt home 2.0b in detail

anyone tell me how I can change bthomehub 2b username and used it as ptcl broadband


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any one tell me how I can change user name of bt home 2.0b in detail


You have to 'un-lock' it (may involve flashing firmware ... so there is risk of bricking) by following guides online! I'll probably do a writeup about my experience of the process (successful) but this router's turn may come later!



Hello Again!

Here is some info I compiled together for the BT Home Hub v1 and v1.5:

I'll try to add similar info for v2 and v3 when I get some more time!




Finally, I've put together most of the info to use the BT Home Hub v2 Type A as an ADSL Wireless Router:

I'll be adding some more info as well soon!



I have bt home hub 5 type A .can i use this with ptcl net