Bscs isnt better than engineering

sir hello my name is muhammad ali and i have a question , sir i just have passed my fsc and now iam striving for admission in engineering universities ........ i am selected in the dual degree programme of comsats_lancaster university uk . but iam selected in becholer of computer science bscs ......... comsats will provide me with a degree of bscs owners and lancaster university on the other hand , give me a degree of bsc owners in computing.... isnt it better for me to do BSCS owners than to do engg. at low ranked universities ? ...............................cant i just make progress in this field ? would it be better than engg. ? what would be its future scope? [especially in pakistan}

to know the difference between engineering and CS look this post by sah

well as far as your case is concerned then the mentioned degree is being offered first time in Pakistan, there were no dual degree programs in the past but we had split degree programs, so nothing can be said about that, however it will certainly benefit you if you want to go abroad, on the other hand you can use Pakistani degree within Pakistan...

in the field of CS university doesnt matter much, what matters is your skills, ability to do something unique.... so wherever you go struggle hard and be the one. :)

ok sir u cant tell me anything about dual degree programme bt u can compare it with software or telecome engineering at fueims .......... i am also selected at foundation university islamabad for telecome .............. its nt a popular university i think its pec affiliated university....... and also describe me the scope of bscs [ddp] in dubai..............................

Mate try get into a HEC recongnised university, that is the best advice i can give. Dont get too tied down in BSc, BS or BE.

Here's the link to a List of HEC Recongnised universities.

I didnt understand your post completely, do you mean you will be given two degrees by the end? Is it a 4 years program? Compare the courses of the universities you have finalised. I havent heard of lancaster university, personally if im studying in pakistan i would rather choose comsats, its a semi private university i think but its one of the better universities in the country. dont look too much in the name, bcsc or be or pe, in the end the name of your university is more important and that also doesnt help much once you get a job. whatever you do, try to apply yourself, learn yourself dont expect to be taught like a 5 year old kid in a university.

hi, i am doing bscs from comsats........ its a good degree course only if you learn it properly and apply the learnt things in a way which could be accepted quite handsomely in the market.... no more telecom jobs left in pakistan atleast becoz all the current operating telcos are running at their peak and are already filled up to neck with good employees... yea you can get job only if you come up with much more knowledge than the already infield workers/ engineers.... Lancaster+ comsats have signed some MOU lately and under which they are offering dual degree... u will get 2 degrees at the end of ur 4 year term .. one will be awarded by comsats and other by lancanster.... having foriegn degree in pakistan is a big plus as u can get good job quite easily... so i would recommend bscs from comsats.... and that also becoz comsats has got some good professors and researchers and the students of comsats are no less than any other reputed university... but see you will have to pay over 1lac fee per semester (if i am not wrong) so if you want dual degree course then this fee is reasonable after all u will get UK recognized degree and this will open ur chances for foreign firms as well... now i have proved u the acceptance of comsats degree... now come to engineering.... well as said u will be paying hefty amount each semester for dual degree and u will have to prove ur self better than other as well to justify the fee amount (becoz i think its too much for this degree program).... but if you want to do engineering then i suppose PIEAS, GIKI, NUST or even NED should be ur choice and not foundation UNI... even comsats have engineering programs ... so at the end i think u should really go for bscs from comsats keeping in view the prospectives.... but again u have to put in much energy.

i just read the FAQs on comsats-lancaster DDP website, all i can say is this is amazing....

You will get two degrees at the end of study, one from comsats other from LU, i.e LU is B.Sc. (Hons) Computing while the degree awarded by CIIT is BS Computer Science...

the comsats' degree is recognized by HEC and Lancaster's degree is recognized by The British Accreditation Council....

Ciit is ranked no. 8 in Pak , Lu is among top ten in UK....

means u can use any degree wherever you want.....

all i can say is you are getting an amazing package... as the education in UK is hell lot expensive, its nothing in front of the money you spend if you do same single degree by going into LU UK.

If you can afford it go for it....

+ as SaadMalik said you struggle hard and achieve the top position dont worry about your degrees both degrees are amazing at very amazing package....

My brother is also interested in Computer Studies for his higher studies. Right now, he is doing Matric and he is quite good in studies. He secured 85% in 9th class. Now i advised him to get admisssions in COMSATS, FAST or NUST. Now i want to know which degree is better? Computer Science or Computer Engineering? What's the basic difference?

CIIT being 8th best and Lancaster in top ten... source?

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CIIT being 8th best and Lancaster in top ten… source?



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Lancaster says A+ not top ten, sorry

Personally speaking, I would say DO NOT fall for this crap stuff. All the Universities who go for such MOU things do it simply to attract students, while the good universities do not need to advertise in such a manner. A few years from now, did you ever see the top universities in Pakistan advertising? They have started it since the past 2 years and only because of the large number of students going abroad for studies. Otherwise they did not need to advertise.

So my advise to everyone is not to fall for such tactics, put in all your efforts to get good grades and then a good admission test, and get into a top ranked university such as Pakistan Institute of Applied Sciences, NUST, GIK. The name of the University matters a LOT. Even more than the program you study.


well Comsats is not a not a CRAP university, and right now in R&D comsats in placed 3rd.... as far dual degree is concerned Comsats Lahore has made entirely new block for it and there they have world class facilities and all academic operations are directly monitored by Lancaster U. and yea i am not defending Comsats... just letting u know the placement of things.... and one more thing that MOU wasn't singed by director of of campus of comsats with director of lancaster U. but it has happened with the efforts of Chancellor of comsats Mr. Azam Sawati.(incumbent Science & technology minister)..... chill there