Broadband 4Mbps For All

Broadband 4Mbps For All:

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Achieving this milestone is a day of pride for all PTCL Employees. The first step to establish the benchmark that sets us far ahead of the entire telecom industry in Pakistan, has been achieved. Our challenge is to ensure that we deliver excellence in service to our customers and sustain our commitment for uninterrupted 4mbps broadband service.


Pakistan Day brings with it an internet revolution in the country; as part of PTCL's endeavor to provide state-of-the-art telecommunication solutions to its customers, for the first time we are now offering "4Mbps For All". As our gift to the nation, we are now equipped to offer minimum 4Mbps Broadband connections to our subscribers thereby connecting Pakistan to the world at higher speeds. Under this campaign, all existing 1Mbps and 2Mbps Regular/Student broadband users with feasible lines are also upgraded to 4Mbps free of cost till the promotion period.


Unlimited downloads, high speed browsing, uninterrupted video streaming, and improved gaming experience under "4Mbps for all".
Wifi facility ensuring user mobility within the premises and shared connectivity.
24 hour Helpline & SMS Complaint system for queries/complaints/suggestions.
4Mbps Broadband for no additional cost for all existing broadband users (till promotion period)


New speed benchmark for Pakistani internet users.
All PTCL Broadband users will now effectively come at par with international broadband users in terms of browsing, downloading and uploading speeds.
Access to rich HD multimedia resources over the internet.
Seamless internet access at a single click.

Then they wil charge you more for it..! :(

I am starting to hate PTCL now... I have a great phone line, with good stats and am on 4MB since a few years. They seem to be upgrading everyone except users of 4MB... No love for us :(

I guess connections above 4Mb doesn’t have 300GB cap, may be that’s why. :)
I am curious if someone has actually got 5K penalty for crossing 300GB mark.

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