Breaking! Express News Posted News about GEO NEWS

Breaking! Express News Posted News about GEO NEWS

This is low... Extreme low blow.. even for express news..

The headline is OK , but the synopsis is just very cheap bazaari language not fit for even a "Dopehr ka khbar"..

Hey what happened to the 'Niji TV, Niji channel' culture? :)

well these were wrods stated by the member PEMRA so if you believe GEO has to give real info/news then why criticizing Express then.

I think it is a good time now these copy-cats are now giving diverse views. before wee used to have one PTV then we had many PTVs as they give the same views n news alhamdulillah that is over.


Wow. :blink:

i think GEO ko band shand nahi karna inhon ne. awam hi boycott karay tu bat hai. aur companies apnay ads daina band kar dain.

Geo is a pro-india propaganda and they have been creating chaos ever since they became the most powerful news channel in the country, I dont give a flying f*** about anything related to "bharat" be that as it may, they were on to something and that is for sure, They had to be taken down before its too late. So long JEWTV.

Just simply ban it bat khatam

dont banne Geo... its great channal