Branded VS Non Branded Desktop PC

AOA all u you i m new in this forum and this is my first post please guide me with ur experience

i wish to buy a PC my budget is upto 40000 RS which system should i buy and also guide me from where i should buy i live near pindi/islamabad.

waiting for ur suggestion

If you come to WiredPakistan or any other person for suggestions for what kind of PC you want and what parts to put in then you should go for a branded computer.

If you know what kind of PC you want and you research and find parts which will be suitable for your needs then build your own non-branded PC. Asking other people to suggest a processor, motherboard etc. is NOT a research.

I build my own PC with my own hands (when I have time to do so. Beside laptops and for common business machines, for them I go for branded machines for quick purchase). That's because I research and I know what I need to put in that PC (without begging for "what to put in that PC" on forums or from tech people).

Having said that, if you are going to buy branded PC, then I'll suggest either to buy an IBM Lenovo or a Dell (Dell being more common).

You can get a basic i3 system in that much budget.

You always get more bang for the buck when you build your own PC. But to do that, you need at least basic knowledge of computer hardware... If you lack that, then branded PCs are probably best for you.

bro build your own non branded PC , never go for those pre built PCs ,

research about every component yourself and then buy it urself and then assemble it yourself...

In my opinion its best to assemble your own pc. You get exactly what you want. its much easier to upgrade in the future. And best of all you can be proud that you build it yourself

Better to make your own system if you know enough about computers. Otherwise branded system is the best option, because they are the best option for costumers who "don't know". As i now own a computers shop, i see that the branded systems if come untouched then the system will be in the best compatibilities. Mostly shopkeepers change items(specially ram modules) in branded systems without having proper knowledge of fsb etc which results in a expensive fukdup system.

Well it depends upon your needs and using habits. If you have sufficient knowledge of Various PC components/peripherals and their adjustments depending on your needs like playing games, watching high-def content etc the building a custom PC would be relatively cheaper (specially in your mentioned budget ) which also possible with a branded PC but it will be costly.

Now If your looking forward for general use PC such as for internet and other not so resource heavy tasks and planning to use your PC for longer hours in a day then buy a branded PC. It depends on your budget if want to go for a new PC or a used one either of em will do just fine specially in our current circumstances with unannounced power outages and custom made PC are generally more prone to get damaged then branded PCs.

So first you need to do is to decide the purpose you're buying a PC for and how much you will using your PC on an average in day... then we will go forward from there.

As another member here has said, in a branded pc you will get less stuff then you can get in a unbranded pc. Both of them come with parts warranty so in the end

you are covered there.

branded pcs in Pakistan with in 40k:

Unbranded pc suggestion:

if you dont want to take anything from the above options then you can easily make a very powerful computer which will handle almost anything. Here is a computer I suggested

to one of my friends who had the same budget as yours;

core i5 (sandybridge), all parts are new and come with warranty, all prices are current

mobo intel dh61ww.................6000 dh61ww (or asus P8h61m lx)

processor intel 2.8 2310........16600 (quad core)

Maxtor hd 250 sata II.............3800

Samsung dvd rw.....................1800

ram 4gb kingston....................1800

case+power supply.................1600 (normal china case with power supply) you can spend some more money on a case and ps if you like


you have some money left over for a nice monitor, game card or a voltage stabilizer .

good luck

i am very thankful to all of you who spare ur precious time for me

my friends i will use my pc for android programming and gaming purpose which needs heavy specs.

plz also tell me in QUARD CORE and core i3 which board and processor is best

hard disk, dvd writter, and RAM is optional.

i am confused to choose Mother Board and Processor plz guide me in both conditions Branded n Non Branded

Guys help this confused guy. I recommended him this forum. :)

I think he's only confused for Moth.board and Processor.

He's willing to spend Rs.40000 and he doesn't need LCD, keyboard, mouse, speakers or headphones.

Well I will tottally ditto the recomendation of jack in the above post.

Branded PCs are a big joke. Building your own PC is the way to go if you're knowledgeable. If you lack that knowledge, find someone who can build that rig for you. It pays to build a quality rig over cheap ass branded PCs, as most of the time they compromise on the stuff you take for granted (cheaper motherboards, uknown brand in PSU, low end capacitors, and the list goes on).

--I would like to suggest for gaming and android programming you need the fastest pc you can afford and not to go for a branded pc. They are too expensive

and you will not be able to get maximum benefit out of your money.

--for android programming you need to have more ram (if you can afford it). Also the way I remember it, for android programming you need to have the fastest

running cpu you can afford.

--before we discuss more options on processor and mobo, I would like to ask...

what is the resolution you play games at, how big is your monitor?

Branded machines are not that bad at all. I am using IBM Lenovo Desktops and Dell Desktops and they are working fine. What large computer corporates do that they have bunch of engineering teams, they test different hardware and create computers that will work in certain giving conditions. They create different types of machines which are according to different budgets (cheap and low quality. expensive and better quality).

If I don't know about cars, then I am happy to give Rs. 200,000+ extra to Toyota so that their engineering team can build a car (Corolla) that will work without much trouble. Obviously, if I have the knowledge, resources and time then I can build my own car and save those extra bucks. What if I don't have that knowledge and I build a car after asking people which engine to put in? Which brakes to put in? Which seat-belt to put in? Do you think such a car will be safe for me and my family? Will I get headaches if the radiator gives me troubles after 6 months because I picked that radiator because someone said me that it will work with my engine? Will it be worth trying to save those Rs. 200,000 on my custom build "non-branded" car? Probably, I might never get a single problem with my custom car but does it worth the risk and headaches?

Similarly, if you know which RAM with certain speed of FSB will work great on which motherboard. And which CPU, power supply, graphic card, HDD, optical drive etc. etc. will go best with that machine then go ahead and build that machine.

Having said that, I do build few computers by hand for myself. For example, I build my HTPC with my own hands. I researched (without asking any other human) and build my own machine. I know each part of it. It's a kinda public PC with dozens of hand touching it everyday. If something goes wrong then I know which parts I need to check and/or replace. It's an ever evolving machine. After every few months, something is replaced or upgraded and this machine just kept going everyday doing multiple jobs for dozens of people of all ages.

Lifer thnks alot for kind reply

Similarly, if you know which RAM with certain speed of FSB will work great on which motherboard. And which CPU, power supply, graphic card, HDD, optical drive etc. etc. will go best with that machine then go ahead and build that machine

this is prob with me that i am not such a good mechanic in hardware and dont have much knowledge about hardware. so if i plan to buy a branded then in branded what should i choose plz tell me the specs and give me option that i may choose these specs and it will be better for me in branded PC also tell me about the BRAND.

JACK i am thankful to you for helping

u said that

-before we discuss more options on processor and mobo, I would like to ask...

what is the resolution you play games at, how big is your monitor?

right now i have a monitor of 15 inch but later i m going to buy a LCD of at least 19 or greater

i need a fastest PC within 30k to 40k this range.

friends plz chk this link and tell me how it is ? core i 3 in 32900 and core i5 in 39900

are these specs are good for fast speed and how is in reliability

waiting for ur kind response

Without the monitor consuming the budget, you can easily go for i5 system.

I did a quick search and with your 40k budget and if it's okay for you to buy local brand then I'll suggest to look at the following computer:

Galaxy PC DT-2512



This machine has latest second-generation Core i5. I am using a Core i5 machine (with 8GB DDR3 RAM) for programming (I mostly do C/C++ and .NET) and it's a breeze.

Remember this rough guide:

Core 2 = Core i3 = 2 Cores

Core 2 Quad = Core i5 = 4 Cores

Core i7 = 4 Cores with HT

This machine will give you lots of upgrade options in future for CPU, RAM, HDD, graphic card. After 6 months or a year or two years, you can easily upgrade to Core i7, increase RAM to maximum, increase/add HDD, add top-line graphic card. etc.

Although 2GB will be enough but if you are going to do programming then just ask Galaxy to increase RAM to 4GB (at least 4GB). You can call them and ask them to increase RAM (probably, it will cost you 2k or 3k max to increase 2GB to 4GB). Moreover, if you going to run any games then get a good graphic card with this machine. Probably between 6k to 10k range. However, you can put RAM upgrade (to 4GB) and graphic card for future upgrade (when you have more money) and you can start using this machine for programming as in current condition.

Another plus point is that if you build your own custom "unbranded" machine then you'll get 10 months to 1 year warranty on computer parts. But Galaxy will give you 3 years warranty. Call them for more details and always keep safe your warranty card and receipt for warranty claims.

For more information, do call Galaxy and do ask what they will charge for increasing RAM or adding a decent graphic card that can run your games. I keep a simple benchmark test, if a machine can run Modern Warfare 3 and Skyrim then it can run almost all games. Even with a cheap graphic card of 4k to 6k, this machine can easily run Modern Warfare 3 (meaning all current games).

Remember one more thing, whether you build your own machine or buy a branded one, get your own Windows 7 DVD, format and install a fresh copy of Windows 7 on it. That way you'll be sure that you are using a clean copy.

EDIT: Remember to install Windows 7 64-bit Ultimate to take full advantage of this machine. Remember, "64-bit" OS is very important to get max out of this or similar machines. Never install 32-bit (x86) on latest machine, it will work but won't give you full benefits of this machine. Never ever install 32-bit XP on these machine, it is an insult to these machine.

proudnation47: Ok now that you have told me that you will be playing at a 19 inch screen in the future, I recommend you buy a

nice graphic card which should be able to run all current games in good settings.

For the motherboard and in your budget you have 2 choices (whichever company you choose):

1. a motherboard with a h61 chipset (starts from 6000 - 7500)

2. or a motherboard with a h67 chipset (starts from 9500 and upwards)

Now the only difference is that the h67 has usb 3.0 and support for hard drive in sata 6 gb/s, I myself am using the h61 motherboard because I

dont really do much work with usb's and the current sata support on my board is enough for me.

So I have 2 systems for you, one is with a better graphic card and the other one is with a better motherboard, choose whichever you want

Here's my recomendation No 1:

mobo intel dh61ww.......................6000 dh61ww (or asus P8h61m lx)

processor intel i3 2100................10300 (processor is still powerfull enough to run all games)

Maxtor hd 250 sata II....................3800

Samsung dvd rw..........................1800

ram 4gb kingston........................1800 (kingston ram 1333 bus)

gigabyte 1 gb gts 450.. ..............11500 (graphic card should be powerfull to run all current games in good settings)

case normal china.......................1000

Thermaltake 450 wpower supply..3700 (you need a seperate and powerful ps for the graphic card)


Here's my recomendation No 2:

mobo Asus p8h67-mle.................9400 (better mobo with usb 3.0 and sata 6 b/s)

processor intel i3 2100................10300 (processor is still powerfull enough to run all games)

Maxtor hd 250 sata II....................3800

Samsung dvd rw..........................1800

ram 4gb kingston........................1800 (kingston ddr 3 1333 bus)

HIS 6670 1 gb ddr 3....................8200 (you will have turn down some settings in games to play them but it is still good,)

case normal china.......................1000

power supply dany normal...........800(your graphic card and system does not need a powerfull ps but a nomral one will do)


In the end you can always tweek the above according to your needs..