Brand new Nokia 5230 for PKR 8000 a good buy?

I have decided to buy nokia 5230 as a new mobile handset for about 8000 rupees.. yes its low becuz i will make someone in the UK get it for me... is 5230 a good handset for this price.. your opinion please a.s.a.p

Ofcourse !! Its a very good set

I haven't used 5230, but I think it's a good set and even at its original price (~13000) it seems like a great deal, at this price, I think it's definitely worth buying. When you get it, upgrade the firmware.

in 8000 definitely good :D

Oh then im gonna buy it.. terez also these handsets for the following approximate prices..

Samsung Corby for about 5000 PKR

Samsung Corby plus B3410 is for 6500 PKR

Nokia 2220 Slide for 2500 PKR (too cheap to be tempted :D)

And Nokia 5230 for white 8000 PKR.. and Black one for 8500 PKR

After a lot of thoughts i guess Nokia 5230 in white will be a perfect choice.. i just cannot stop drooling at its screen size and resolution.. (Yay! movies on mobile :D) .. Lacks wifi.. but its an acceptable sacrifice for the price..

are these mobiles coming with full box ( box+accessories) or only handsets?

Well it cannot be assured whether all accesories and the original box will be provided.. its a clearence item... it mentions in the T&C's that there is n guarantee about other stuff but charger and handset will be included.