Brand Choice for 3D Monitors


Hi all I've been in search of good 3D monitor but couldn't find much of the choice though. While searching for samsung I found 2233RZ, which isn't available anywhere I've searched. Now I've come across this another brand AOC LED Monitor - e2352Phz sold at Galaxy's showcase. It seems decent too but I don't have any such brand familiarity. Could you assist me finding one. Another model which can be considered is Samsung 3D LED Monitor SA750. Do give me comparison as I'm in hurry of purchase. Also discuss the technology too for general readers.!

seems everyone is noob to this technology...!

Just go and buy...dont make too much search...its good 3DM ...if not available here u can place order to Ebay!

First thing don't buy the 3D monitor you will not much happy with it. The price will very high and need to lots of 3D content to watch on this otherwise it is like normal 2D monitor.

Go for the AOC one coz it would be cheaper, and don't worry about brand i'm also using AOC widescreen 18.5" lcd. And the Result is beyond good which makes me think that result on 3d led would be superb.

Anyways like you said everyone is noob in this technology, so don't worry. :)

I've also been looking for the 3D monitor locally and recently noticed the AOC one too. Digging a little deep revealed that:

The AOC monitor is quite different from traditional 3D monitors so far (In a good way, in my opinion). Traditional 3d TVs and monitors use high refresh rates (around 120 hz) to switch images quickly on screen and then active shutter glasses are required to view these images for the 3D effect. On the other hand, this AOC monitor uses polarising technology (normally used in cinemas for 3D) which means that instead of using higher refresh rates for alternate images, the images are superimposed on the screen using two polarisations and to view these images you would require simple polarising glasses which will filter the images for each eye.

Active shutter glasses are electronic in nature and are quite expensive (official price at Nvidia store is $149 but locally they are still being sold at around 20000/- RS).

Polarising glasses are very cheap (Around 150/- RS) and require no electricity and many people can watch the 3D content on screen at the same time conveniently which would be a very expensive setup using active shutter glasses.

More information on polarised 3D glasses and technology:

Have you purchased the monitor yet? I am highly inclined towards getting this AOC one and will like to see how is your experience so far, if you did buy this one.