Brain Power, Now Control PC with your brain

Hi guys,

just see this video. I headed to this video from This is just amazing a person controlling computer with brain waves.

Its in research yet.

Yeah, I saw that earlier today. It's absolutely amazing how we're seeing breakthroughs like these happen in front of our eyes - we live in very interesting times! :D

I saw a documentary about this technology when it was in its preliminary stages about two years ago. The idea looked probable to me and now look, they have shaped it up quiet nicely. Thumbs up!

Imagine playing games using the BCI!! Even the thought is enjoyable. Science is realizing even the wildest dreams of man. If you can imagine it, they can get it done. :)

Just like "Wanted" where they control the direction of the bullet? :)

so thats mean in future even mentals can run operate computer

Can u post pics too..