Bought Edimax BR-6225n 150Mbps broadband router

Quality seems good not connect it to ptcl yet as because its down

(Rs. 4000)

Will it works with ptcl?

And what this small USB is for?


The USB is probably a wireless dongle for PC so that it can connect with internet wirelessly through the wireless router. But if you have bought then why asking for opinions? Infact you should now try it out and give us feedback about it.

@ armada

That usb is wifi adapter, There should e a user guide in box.

BTW i always read or ask reviews before purchasing.

Can i transfer data from wifi enabled phone to a PC with this Router and at what speed it will be, 150Mbps?

my Bluetooth has been broken

It is obvious you can connect to the wifi-enabled phone. The usb is wifi adapter in case youre pc/laptop doesn't have wifi card/built-in wifi.

And yes it will work with PTCL, but first read the manual completely so that you should have idea what you are doing.

IT is not compulsory that it works on the given speed on the box, it might drop depending on the range and quality of signal.

And don't forget to make sure that all security protocols are running when you are establishing a connection.

in router setting there is a page pop up with these options

Cable modem (connection automatically)

Fixed IP-xDSL (Input IP e.g.

PPPoE-xDSL (Input Account)



Telstra big Pond

Which should i select for PTCL modem an1020 :(

You don't have to use PTCL 1020 Modem now, throw it away, and configure your new one by selecting PPPoE-xDSL

i am trying to connect a ptcl modem with edimax wifi router :rolleyes: but i have no port in my pc board where end of WAN cable connects But a network card is

could it be connect to lan card?

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could it be connect to lan card?


Yes. Use the ethernet cable that you used to connect the PTCL modem to your computer to connect the PTCL modem to the wan port of the router. Then use the other ethernet cable that came with the router to connect your computer’s LAN card to one of the LAN ports on the router. Consult the router documentation to know which ports are which. Its fairly simple to do all of this. One you’ve done it you’ll probably have to disable NAT in the PTCL modem. Post the PTCL modem brand AND model number so I can guide you further. Unlike what MZC said you WILL need the PTCL modem because your router is an ethernet router not an ADSL modem/router combo device.

what is this NAT and how to disable it...I have PTCL modem an1020 white

Please can you post simple step to step guide :(

(son of the &@#^# exchange guy told me i'll come back in 2,3 days and set it up for you but he didn't):angry: