Body spray or perfume for men

which is the best body spray or which do u use

plz reply to it

my fav is axe

my favorite now a days are..

axe chocolate or dark temptation



adidas game spirit


AXE dark temptation & 8x4 sport

Try Excel ;)

Also, other recommendations are Al Passo & ZATAK.

Hey my favourite is also Axe and also i mostly use axe but sometimes i use set wet..

game spirit by adidas.very refreshing aroma.

ZATAK is good

Axe dark temptation and Carbon.

Denim Musk body spray is my all time favorite.

AXE Musk is similar to that,Like a dip sometime into AXE Gravity

Unlimited edition in Xboth body spray and perfume.

but the most favorite perfumes are Issy Miyake's L'EAU D'ISSEY,VISIT,ARMANI in summer i like Givenchy's FRESH ATTITUDE SUMMER SORBET

And some more....

Al Passo using since past 7-8 years